Weekly Summary #9

Radio Show Reviews: This week, we had to review our own Radio Show and another show as well. This was interesting because I compared and also contrasted what our groups did differently. I tried my best to be fair and hopefully I offered some good tips. I was happy to do this because I felt like I was a true listener who was giving advice on how I thought it was through my ears!

  1. Wacky History Review
  2. The Verge Review

Storytelling Within the Web: OLIVE YOU (5 stars).

Other Web Assignments:

  1. Buzzfeed Personality Quiz (3 stars).
  2.  Dream Vacation on Pinterest (3 stars).

4 Daily Creates:

  1. 10/21/15 – Make Nature Stick People
  2. 10/22/15 – Is a Happy Place Always Happy?
  3. 10/23/15– Removed.
  4. 10/25/15 – Write a Tongue Twister.

Now, with each of my daily creates, I made a story through Flickr. I just connected each daily create with a hyperlink to talk about the life of nature and how we see it and what it does to us.

Web-based daily create story: What Nature Does

This week was very fun! I really enjoyed my web assignments I completed this week, especially the one where I had to recreate a website using the goggles! It was a little weird to review the radio shows, but I tried my best to be fair. I liked the different aspect of the dailies this week where we needed to make a story using each one we did this week. I learned that the web is surprisingly another place to create your own story, when you have a lot of creativity inside and patience 🙂


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