Weekly Summary: 7 & 8

DS 106 Radio Show: The VERGE. This was a fun couple of weeks creating a commercial, bumper and a show!

  1. Bumper
  2. Commercial 

Audio Assignments:

  1. Row Row Polyphony: The Mouse Ran Up The Clock! (2.5 stars)
  2. Imitate Some Weather: Sunday Morning.. (2.5 stars)

Daily Creates:

  1. 10/5- Pareidolia
  2. 10/7- What would I do if I had not lost…
  3. 10/8- Lasts. 
  4. 10/14- Bad Habits are good for you
  5. 10/15- Lucky, Lucky, Lucky
  6. 10/17- The Eighth Day

These couple of weeks have been great. I completed my audios early and then edited them all later. For the show theme, we thought science would be a great route to go into. It is both cool and fun to discuss, so we chose science! Instead of doing boring science topics, we decided to do different ones that vary in topic. We organized our group through our Radio Show discussion board on Canvas and used the GroupMe app to communicate. The easiest part was that we all set deadlines for each part, the commercial, bumper, show etc. It was nice to all be organized because organization is such an important part of group work! There really was nothing negative from working as a group because we all did our part! When making the commercial and bumper, I decided to include some interesting sounds and noises that I wouldn’t have thought of doing. Also, talking into a computer is still new to me. So, I tried to be more engaging with my emphasis on certain words. I think the show was great! We had a clear theme of doing science related stories and it came together well. I created a bumper, commercial, and my own topic show. In my personal show, I discussed the health benefits of cocoa. All of our stories relate to science in different ways, which I think will keep the listeners engaged but not bored. I think people will think it is interesting, and will want to do more research on cocoa, NFL concussions, Alzheimer’s disease, and the heart and exercise correlation.

I have actually really enjoyed this process. Even though talking out loud is weird, I do like listening back and editing this audio. I also really feel great listening to the final product! When I first started doing audio, I thought it would be difficult and take me so long to perfect my voice. But, after trial and error, I realized that I can do it! I just have to get used to Audacity, and then I can record my voice and insert sounds in no time. Again, the experience is rewarding after I get to listen to the finished product. I do like Audio more than I thought I would, but its still not my favorite!


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