Weekly Summary 6

This week was all about DESIGN! I had a great time with my design assignments, and also I learned so much more about each element.

Daily Creates:

  1. Combining 2 logos: Which Mexican restaurant will you choose?
  2. Upside Down Day: I chose something that looked cool upside down.
  3. Daylight Savings Time is soon approaching, and for this daily, we had to choose a photo that represents it.
  4. Look Outside your Window: This wasn’t very fun because outside my window was rain!

Design Assignments:

  1. One Story/Four Icons: I really enjoyed doing this assignment. I was able to use symbols to create a well-known story. (3 stars).
  2. This Assignment is Suspect: I used a suspect board and Despicable Me characters to display the tracks of Fluffy the Unicorn who was taken from Agnes! (3 stars).
  3. Movie Trading Cards: For this design assignment, I created my own trading card, pirate style. (4 stars).
  4. DS bumper sticker: I made my own bumper sticker that promotes DS 106! (2.5 stars).

Love at First Shot: I found a clip of a couple in love at their wedding and told a story about their lives together. (2.5 stars). 

I read Vignelli’s booklet, which describes design and all its aspects. He really is trying to teach design and what it means to him. http://mirandaskinner.com/thoughtsideas/the-vignelli-canon

Design SAFARI: This week, I tried another photo safari! I captured images in my house that captured each design element we have been learning about this week.

Radio Show Progress: We have com e up with a name, “The Verge” and we will be doing a show similar to RadioLab. We will all be discussing certain topics in science that are interesting and recent!

Our logo:IMG_9283



I really enjoyed this week’s theme of design. I always have been creative in the way of wanting to draw shapes and cool letters, so it was fun to look around and see specific design elements. I think I completed each assignment well; I put my creativity into each different story and my best effort into each design. I really enjoyed doing the Assignment “One Story/Four Icons” where I used my creativity to come up with 4 symbols for a story. I just thought it was interesting to see a “guessing game” appear and I had to do my best to story tell through these symbols. Since this was the first assignment I completed, I thought this was a major goal for me this week! I wanted each person who discovered my designs to know I was trying to give them a story to read. Each design may have been cool to see and look at, but I think the major component for me was to have a story behind each design.

Overall, I did not have trouble! I used my time wisely and discovered that I actually like completing these designs. I would have liked to even try more! I learned more about design and that it’s not just about colors and interesting typography. Each element makes a design unique in its own way, and I loved seeing this come in to play. Symmetry/Balance was such a cool element, and I everywhere I went this week, I tried to notice different symmetries of the room. It’s not as easy as you would think! I also learned, like I noted before, that each design tells a story. I was glad to learn this early so I could apply it to each of my designs this week.


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