Weekly Summary #4

Summarize the key points you learned about audio storytelling from the Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad videos. Audio is another great form of storytelling that creates a lot of imagery in your mind in a different way. I really enjoyed learning about audio and how people use it to engage other listeners.This week, I was nervous about recording my own voice, but once I did it, I was fine! Ira Glass actually played one of his old reports to show how audio and radio does take time to perfect. Jad Abumrad describes how audio forces us to make pictures in our mind that we aren’t used to, and this is why radio is still popular.

Summary of the radio story you listened to, making special notes of the techniques used. Be sure to link to the show you listened to. I listened to Ghost Stories by Radio Lab. This was interesting because ghost stories really evoke different emotions of curiosity and horror. For each ghost story, there were eerie noises, and echo voices. This engaged me more, and I painted pictures for each story told. I liked this part of the radio story. The producers also spoke softly at certain parts, which did actually make the stories sound real!

Summarize/link the Audio assignments.

  1. I had to create my own “Real Housewives” Tagline. This was my first real audio assignment so I was nervous, but I enjoyed it because I watch the shows all the time!
  2. I wanted to use sounds to convey an emotion. I chose to create “serenity” with my sounds. I incorporated a lot of nature sounds for my emotion. I liked this audio story because the audio is very peaceful and serene.
  3. For this audio story, I had to make a mash-up of my favorite artist’s songs. I used five songs and made a cool mash-up. I really enjoyed this because music is something I enjoy!

Summarize/link At least 4 Daily Creates.

  1. Daily Create on Emotions: For this assignment, we had to link a picture to a certain emotion. I love dessert, and I used admiration for this.
  2. Daily Create on Creating an Old Photo: We had to choose a photo and add effects to make it look super old. I chose a picture with my friend and I in the woods, and added vintage covers to make it seem old.
  3. Daily Create on Doodling on a Woman: We were given a blank page and had to fill in the lines of a Woman. I gave her a dress and a purse!
  4. Daily Create on Five Picture Story: I created another story using pictures. I made a story about a Halloween party.

Summary of your feedback from your Comments and what you gained by looking at other people’s blogs. I learned in a Daily Create that grief is an emotion that is usually very common to everyone in pictures, and we can all identify it quickly. I learned that audio is a form of a story where listeners do have the control of the paintbrush. We can make the story go a certain way with audio since there are no pictures to look at. Also, I listened to another’s audio, and it was her first time too. I learned that we are all new at this, and this may be out of our comfort zone. She also wrote poetry for her audio story, and its cool to think that we can all try new things with digital storytelling. I also realized that audio stories evoke different emotions for everyone. Each person is going to interpret an audio story in a unique way, which is also what makes radio an intuitive thing in our world. I also listened to an emotion sounds story by another student, and she used anxiety as her emotion she conveyed. She recorded thunder, heartbeat, and extensive breaths. It all made me anxious after listening, and I really enjoyed her story.

I learned that audio is something that won’t be perfect for everyone. I created my own audio stories for the first time, which was nerve-wracking. By listening to other audio stories, I realized that radio creates images for us to have in our minds, which is something that other digital forms do not do. I enjoyed this week because the radio experts gave some great advice on audio and why audio is so important. I also got to experience cool techniques that make radio so fun and engaging for listeners.


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