Weekly Summary 3

“First, What is Storytelling?” What did you learn this unit about your notion of storytelling? Where might it apply to your interests or studies?  Storytelling is a form of telling stories, made up, real, to anyone at any age. I learned that storytelling is something that still occurs, and now, can be digital. This includes videos and blog posts all over the internet that we are able to view and listen to. I love to watch videos of makeup tutorials, and I use YouTube as my personal story-“listening” home. I also like to watch documentaries about Earth and life that are educational yet told in a storytelling way.
Blog post of analyzing a movie or a book based on Kurt Vonnegut’s Shape of Stories; this should include an graphic representing your own drawing of the arc. Did this make sense to you as a way to analyze stories? Include as well a summary of the digital storytelling example you chose.  Shape of Stories post.  I really enjoyed this assignment! I think the structure of stories is so important, and usually have some sort of similarity to other stories told in the past. Usually, you can recognize these arc structures that Vonnegut describes immediately in movies and shows. I used the reference Gone Girl, because I saw the immediate arc in the story as the main character, Nick, goes from bad to worse. The movie presents Nick’s downfalls in the very beginning, as his wife is missing, and he is soon deemed guilty of her disappearance. He then is caught cheating, and the police investigate their marriage that was obviously corrupt, neither putting Nick in a good light. Come to find out, Amy does fake her own murder, until it all unravels. The arc continues downward as she comes back home to Nick, and claims she is pregnant. She really is Gone Girl, if you know what I mean.
Blog post where you reviewed one student project from one from the collection of previous student’s self identified best work. Did these stories give you any insight into what a digital story is? I chose a story called “3,000 Miles in 30 Seconds(ish).” Here is my review: Appreciating Past Stories.  Emily’s story involves her taking a video that was roughly 30 seconds, as she travels 3,000 miles across the U.S. to start a new life in California. Her journey is really eye-opening, and her video proves that anyone could do it. This is what really struck me as a digital story– because she was sharing her own story to us. It was brave and inspiring to me as I watched and read along, and was curious to see more of her stories.
Blog post with your example of Telling a Story in Photos and your reflection on that activity. (2 separate blog posts) My Reflection of Telling a Story  and the example.

A summary of your Comment Group activity. This week, I enjoyed looking at other blogs. The posts were all different which is what makes it cool to comment!! I learned a couple of things as I commented around this week: I learned that Ryan Higa broadcasts his life and personality through the art form of digital storytelling in his videos. I also read about a past story, that still used “Once Upon a Time” which was interesting to see, because I remember that opening line when I was younger. I read about a movie review that presented Vonnegut’s arc. It was Wreck it Ralph, and it was interesting to see this story being told. I saw photos of a cool 21st birthday for the “Five Card Story” assignment, which proves how much impact stories hold, since they can be memories for the future. Lastly, I read a reflection on another past digital story that was about broke college students, which is really relatable to me as a student. Digital Stories share information that is so relatable, which is another reason why people love to read, watch, and listen.

Embed or link to all four of the daily creates you did this week and describe what you find good, bad or exciting about the daily create. Daily Create 9/7, Daily Create 9/8, Daily Create 9/9, Daily Create 9/13.  I was excited when I found out one of my Daily Creates was made!! I liked this. They are usually pretty easy to do. I like seeing what I can come up with. Sometimes, I forget about them, but I always do them, which can be bad sometimes when I panic!!  

Talk about this week in general: How is your experience of ds106 going? Are you feeling more comfortable with your blog? What do you need help with? My experience this week was very relaxed, and overall pretty good. I managed my time and always had time to do everything, and even enjoyed some of the assignment reflections. Once I realize when I can do my assignments, it makes everything a breeze. I am more comfortable navigating my blog, and I also created categories this week and updated some customary edits on my own blog. I do not need help with anything 🙂 



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