Weekly Summary 13 & 14

This week, we learned all about Remixing and Mash-ups. I had no idea this was an aspect that we would dive into for this class!! I was happy, because remixes of songs and videos are so innovative and funky cool to see and hear. I enjoy remixes that people create, and mash-ups of songs from specific artists or DJ’s. Whenever I think of mash-ups, I think of a DJ who makes mash-ups of popular songs and videos for each year. It’s like a collective memory of music from a specific year. Here is his mash-up from 2014:

I made my own remixes and mash-ups these past couple of weeks!

Remix Assignment:

  1. Travel with US

Mash-up Assignments:

  1. Changing Character: Serena Changing (4.5 stars).
  2. Movie Mash-up: She’s The Twelfth Night (4.5 stars)

What is a Remix??

Daily Creates:

  1. 11/18/2015
  2. 11/19/2015
  3. 11/20/2015

This was such a fun couple of weeks! I liked this part of our class, because we got to take others work and manipulate it and change it. For my remix assignment, I really got to see this in play. Also, remix and mash-up is good for video and music, but have you ever thought of remixing clothes? I love clothes and fashion, and if you think about it, most clothing nowadays are remixes of something made or fashionable a long time ago. Remixes are everywhere, and always apart of our life!  We love to utilize things from our past to create new things, which is exactly what remix is.


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