Weekly Summary #11 & #12

This week, we extended our knowledge on video to create many more captivating and interesting stories. I enjoyed adding on to this video knowledge, I learned more techniques to make audio enhance the video I am creating, more tools within my applications and edits, and just a new view on stories themselves. I have said previously that even though I liked to see how audio and pictures made great stories, but video is my favorite! It combines these two and makes something that we can hold on to, and we follow each piece differently until the very end. I hope I made great and interesting video content through my assignments this week!

Video Assignments:

Required Assignment, Gossip Miranda’s: Talking and gossiping to myself was interesting to see, but I believe I made a juicy gossip video! I found a new way to change my video appearance by making it black & white, which adds to the “OMG, no she didn’t,” feel to my video. (5 stars).

  1. Hotline Beethoven: I enjoyed creating this video as I needed to mix a modern music video with a more traditional and classic song. The result is a must see! (4.5 stars).
  2. Sorry Dancing Puppy: For this assignment, I found a video clip of an animal dancing. Then I added matched-up audio to enhance the video for the viewer. (4 stars).
  3. Mia’s Fast Makeover:  Using a small clip from one of my favorite movies, I utilized the many editing tools within iMovie and sped up the video and audio. The video reveals a fast-paced yet funny version of Mia from The Princess Diaries! (3.5 stars).
  4. What are THESE words?: This assignment required to think very randomly to create a make-believe story through video. (4 stars).
  5. Signing Words: This assignment, I signed a word in a video. This was such a cool story to portray, with no words or conversation at all in my video. (4.5 stars).

While these were all fun to create, I utilized more skills these past 2 weeks through all of the assignments. First, with the required “Talking to Yourself” assignment, I didn’t realize this aspect of reading and looking at the camera. I found myself re-doing this a couple of times because you really have to make this story real to act like you are talking to yourself. I then found a cool video appearances through iMovie, like black and white, which I think can really enhance the story’s meaning! Through the “What are These Words?” assignment, I realized how with recent technology and the help of our minds, we can imagine anything- from words to numbers. I randomly thought of words and found images of the actual word on Google, and created a really cool video with these images. Now, I can remember what each word represented in the video, and it has left an imprint on my mind. I didn’t think words could do this, but I think with the video compilation combining each word, it created this imprint for me. Now, every time I think of the word “Blue” I think of the neon sign in my video. I really thought this was cool. Also, when I created my Sign Language video, I was so surprised at how interesting this language is. In my video, I learned my word in sign language so fast! I was able to create my own story with no verbal words or conversation through this universal language. I thought this was powerful.

Daily Creates:

  1. 11/2/15– Sidewalk Crack Art
  2. 11/3/15– Filtered Selfie
  3. 11/5/15- Anny Cow the Researcher
  4. 11/6/15– You Created it, Now Sketch!
  5. 11/9/15– Remix Your World
  6. 11/10/15– Bridge over Troubled Water



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