Weekly Summary #10

For this week, we were to analyze video and movies. This is so interesting to me because I really do like watching clips and videos online. We also have done pictures and images, and then audio. Now, we are putting it together with film!¬†First, I read and reflected on Roger Ebert’s journal about reading movies. He discussed some great techniques that I used throughout the week, and it was interesting to think about movies the way he does.

Then, I actually used the techniques he discussed! I used the Anchorman clip for my Look, Listen, Analyze reflection.  First, I watched this clip without sound. Then I just listened to the clip without watching it. Afterwards, I watched the clip fully! It was a cool experience to see what senses you use when watching a film.

Video Assignments:

  1. Life as an Animal: Edna Rose. (4 stars).
  2. Character Description: Gru. (4 stars).

I finally got to put the video techniques into use! I realized that video is the best and most fun way to express your story. I was able to do this through my images and the different music I used in my assignments. First, I was able to create an adorably cute video of my puppy Edna and how her life is. I made sure to include every picture I had to show her life! Then, I was to embody Gru, a Despicable Me character, through video. This was to show the viewers what type of character he is! I really enjoyed using iMovie and my creativity to make these video assignments.

Daily Creates:

  1. 10/26- Bigfoot is Missing
  2. 10/27- Happy Place
  3. 10/31- You Decide
  4. 11/1- Cartoon Me

I commented on other’s blogs and noticed that everyone enjoys video and the different cinematic editing that you can do. It’s interesting to see everyone’s progress now that it is week 10, and how our blogs are doing thus far.

I was really excited this week to work with video. It is always advancing and videos are being watched everyday and shared all over. I think video is such a storytelling aspect and my favorite part of this class so far. I didn’t have much trouble, even though I haven’t utilized iMovie in a while. I also realized this week that I am doing a good job on my blog posts. I am taking the time to make sure I have every reflection done well and I discuss everything I did. I did have trouble with that in the beginning of this class, and now I am happy to say that these reflections are a good way to express yourself and show people what you did.


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