Weekly Summary #5

  • My radio show name: 99.3 The Verge
  • Give at least 2 blog comments to each person in your group. Comment on at least three people blog post this week.

1. Photo Blitzes that I saw were really interesting this week. I thought that they seemed to be a very spontaneous and fun assignment, added with some cool photos. I talk about them in my own Blitz! 2. For a visual assignment titled, “Old to new”, I saw a before and after image of Monroe Hall and it definitely shows contrast that brings curiosity to me about the past of UMW. 3. The power of daily creates brings so many different thoughts and imaginations to everyone. I like how daily creates are always different, depending on the day, holiday, or season. 4. Another visual assignment I commented on was an image of a Bearfly. This was a polar bear and a butterfly blended together to create a fictional animal. It was cool seeing the work of others to see what their imagination came up with.

  • Review the suggestions for photography. Pick at least 3 to try in the context of doing other visual assignments this week or just for practice, and write a blog post showing the results. Add the one that you think helped you the most, and summarize in a blog post, make sure to reflect back to all reading.

Photography Tips 101 Summary:

  1. Put a Great Foreground in Front of a Great Background- I used this for one of my visual assignments Apophenia.
  2. Look to the light- Photo blitz of the window in my room. It showed an open window that was the only light coming through into my apartment.
  3. Paying Attention to Moment- I used a person’s emotion to pay close attention to this photo.

My favorite tip was one about changing perspectives. I think this tip can be useful for any photographer, because perspective can changed by getting on your tippy toes and shooting a great shot of the sunset. Not only is it easy, it creates more imagery to the viewer.

  • Complete the photoblitz activity, stick to the 20-minute window. There are no prizes or extra credit for how many you can do, just try and share the experience. Make sure your photos are tagged in flickr, and that you write a blog post talking about the ones you felt were your best and ones from others you saw in the mix that were commendable.

I really enjoyed this assignment. I was in my apartment and decided to just choose things that would be natural in any living environment to spark my imagination.

  • Review the suggestions for spiffing up your flickr page. Make sure you create a set for your best photos and add a few in there. Write up a blog post announcing it, and see if you can figure out to embed a flickr set in your post. 

I changed my URL, added my best photos to a collection/album, and edited some of my settings on my account.

  • Do at least 4 daily creates, and write a one-blog summary for all your creations. Make sure you are also narrating about them too, what it meant, what the inspiration was etc. Tell a story about your photos.
  1. Daily Create 9/21– I added a symbols all over, and of course I chose chocolate. For this, I used emojis on my pants that I was wearing that day.
  2. Daily Create 9/23– I also added food into another image for this day’s daily create. We were to add something into coffee, so I chose a French fry. I thought the last thing I would eat together would be coffee and French fries.
  3. Daily Create 9/24– For this daily create, we were to “juxtapose” an image. I used an image in 1894, and inserted a selfie stick to show how different the times though.
  4. Daily Create 9/27– I had to create my own Road Sign. I used a cool site where people produce actual road signs. I think it would be cool to see a road sign with letting me know that an ice cream truck was near. I am always in the mood for ice cream so this was my inspiration!
  1. Apophenia: I used a nail polish bottle and my imagination to create new images.
  1. Me and Bae: For this assignment, we were supposed to crop our faces into a celebrity photo. This was fun, since I created a funny description of the photo.
  1. Splash the Color: I used the popular “Splash” tool in order to revive an image in my photo of color. I related to this visual image because my photo told a story and I like seeing this happen.

Activity Summary for the Week: This week, my word was imagination. I was imagining so many different images and ideas through the visual assignments and the Photo Blitz. I wanted to be creative in my photos like scrapbooking, which is basically like a paper Flickr album. Scrapbooking is a way of keeping memories through photos and words. I wanted to use the same ideas of a scrapbook with my photos, except I needed imagination to create the story without words or descriptions. I thought about the tips of perspective, lighting, moment capturing and depth. Combined, I think all those aspects of photography make a great photo, and are all easily achieved. Perspective adds creativity to a photo, which is something to incorporate and is a different way of seeing images. Moment capturing is also interesting because it is such a big aspect of storytelling. I used my roommate’s emotion of stress to convey this, but I also think capturing candid actions are important. This shows people who weren’t at the place, game, or party what happened and what people were feeling. I try to imagine the feelings of people in photography all the time, and with the right capture, it is great what you can see and discover.


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