Week 1 Summary

  1. How well do I feel I completed the requirements of this week’s assignment?   I think I completed this 1st assignment well. I read the directions and followed along and created all the social media accounts. Finally, I created my blog and put it all together. 2. What gave me trouble? What did I enjoy most? What did I learn?    I ran into some trouble when my links weren’t posting into my blog correctly! I tried a couple of times to post my Flickr picture and it posted when I actually clicked the URL of the picture instead of the “Share” button. I enjoyed seeing my blog complete after I put everything together. It’s nice and rewarding to see a final project come together! I learned about SoundCloud, this was a new social media site for me to visit! I also learned the ropes of making the blog on WordPress and how to edit it. 3. What would I do differently? Questions.. If I could do anything differently, I would add one of my favorite social media sites, Instagram. It is a great picture sharing application, and has really cool and interesting photos. I do not have any questions, the blogging process was straightforward for me! 4. What larger issues surround my work (Cultural/Societal)?   The larger issues that are around my work are certain beliefs and opinions of others. Some people might not think blogging is a correct way to share information or interests to friends, family, or the entire world. Some people may disagree with my blog in particular with my choice in music or likes. Domain and Social Media Commentary    I had a good time setting up my domain. It was cool to see that I created it myself and now have a website that belongs to me. Then, I created a new twitter account, which was simple, and starting tweeting! I already had a YouTube account. I created a SoundCloud, which was new to me, but it does have a lot of awesome music which I have already started looking into since creating my account. I like Flickr, I instantly added some of my favorite pictures to this site! With all this, I created my first introductory blog post and had a great time doing it!


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