Hello, world!! All about me..

Hi, My name is Miranda. I’m a student in #ds106. Welcome to my first ever blog!!

One of my all time favorite things is being at the beach or near an ocean. I also am a bio major and love marine life, and the ocean ecosystem. I visited Bermuda recently, and here is a beautiful picture of the rocks and clear waters there.


It’s awesome to have great friends and family! Friendships and relationships make everything in life more enjoyable. This year, I’m  living with 3 wonderful friends and am super excited!!

Even though sometimes it feels like I’m a grown up, my favorite feel-like-a-kid movie is definitely Despicable Me and more recently, Minions. (I wish I could talk in Minion language sometimes when I don’t feel like talking to certain people. )

And to close out my introduction, I’m showing you my favorite song. (This is probably a given, I wouldn’t show you a song that I dislike, now would I?) It’s easy listening, and it reminds me that there is always good times ahead with great friends and family. Island In The Sun x Weezer

One thought on “Hello, world!! All about me..”

  1. Hey Miranda!

    I’m also in the DS106 class. I was snooping around and getting to know about people from their blogs. 🙂
    I am also a biology major. I am also super jealous that you visited Bermuda, looks amazing!

    Maryna Matorina

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