Digital Storytelling

When I think of the word storytelling, I think of my elementary school days. Distinctly in 1st grade, my teacher read stories while playing his guitar on Fridays. Every Friday, my fellow students and I would eagerly gather around him as he played and told a different story each time. He would strum his guitar and tell us stories that secretly correlated with some subject that was being taught at the time. I also recall asking my mom to recite me stories before bed when I was having difficulty falling asleep. She would tell me stories involving animals running around with their families, and I was so invested as she spoke, but then I’d eventually go to sleep and vaguely reminisce the ending in the morning. When telling someone else about this word, I would describe it as reading a made-up or true story that is very engaging and realistic. Children love storytelling; or “story-time” because of how authentic these stories seem.

The word digital is a word I relate to technology. It is on a screen and usually moves. Digital words, pictures, and video changes constantly, which is part of the reason why it is called digital, since it isn’t stationary like text in a book or magazine.

Hearing both phrases put together into digital storytelling, I think of exploring online stories and through the web. The term is definitely broader then the original storytelling phrase, mainly because the web is so wide and contains lots of stories that we can look at. Also, digital storytelling gives me a futuristic image of a teacher broadcasted on a flat screen reading stories to kids in a classroom.


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  1. Great post! I love the imagery of a child listening to their parent read them bed-time stories. You mentioned teachers in the future may be projected onto screens and whatnot, it makes me think of how your two points relate: like skype in a way. A parent can still read to their child at bedtime whether near or far. Great imagery! #talkingpolack106

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