We Found Her!

Bring Your Pet To School: Do you miss your pet while you are in school? Do you ever wish that you could bring your pet to school with you? This tutorial assignment will allow your dream to come true. You can use GIMP or other photo edit software to place your pet anywhere on your campus. This assignment can use any photo editing software that you wish to use. (4 stars). 

This is another assignment for “Edna’s Not Missing”!

I decided to create an image with Edna here, because this is where she finds me!

I got a picture of Edna, and cropped it. I then took a picture of the bridge towers and used this one for the background.

I used the Preview Application which makes it easy to crop and then paste on to another photo you have.

Here is the original picture.

FullSizeRender 2

Here is the picture of Edna that I cropped. On the application, I  clicked on the left hand square button. From here, I clicked “Lasso tool” which lets you crop wherever the mouse goes!

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.01.00 PM

As you can see, this is my very cute picture of Edna!! I wanted a cute face for the assignment. I apologize for my cropping skills, my hands are always shaky when it comes to these things!!

I used Control (C) and Control (V) to copy and paste the Edna picture onto the UMW picture. Here is the final product!


Hope you can see Edna peering over the tower’s fence!