What are THESE words??

A Word…A Picture…A Story: Chose up to 5-10 words..just randomly pick them don’t over think it just chose these words out of the blue. Then do a Google image search on these images and chose one of the first visible photos for the word..after you have chosen your words and your images put them together in video form and tell a story..include a sentence with each image to help guide your story or try and tell it without the sentences. (4 stars).

This was a really cool assignment!! I was to pick random words out and look up their picture on Google. Then, I created a video to form a story with these pictures of the words I chose. I randomly chose 7 words:

blue november love john allergy edit yawn

How random??

I was just sitting and decided with those words. All of the pictures I used in the video came from Google, and they are random too! I dragged each photo into iMovie, and added the Ken Burns effect on some words. This is a cool thing that you can add to any video assignment that moves an ordinary picture anyway to make it more interesting to see. I added Weezer’s Island in the Sun from Youtube to give the video a cool feel for the watcher/listener! I also added transitions between each photo in the video. You can find the transitions to the left of the timeline on the bottom. There are many to choose from! I also inserted a title page and a credits page.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 5.47.08 PM

There is a story here. I know the words seem random, but each assignment has some sort of a story.

The color blue represented November for her. The month was dark and cold, and she never went outside. She began to realize she wanted to change something about herself. She always yawns over her routine everyday she goes through. Her allergies kept her inside most of the time, away from people and the sun. There was a man named John who did begin to stop by her house occasionally. Soon, this was one of the only things she loved. When John visited, she was happy.