Classical-Modern Mashup: Hotline Beethoven

Classical-Modern Mashup: Ingredients: 1 piece of classical music, 1 modern music video. How to make: First, strip or mute the music out of the modern music video. Then layer the classic music on top. Voila! Some hopefully hilarious, weirdly sexual classical-modern mashup. (4.5 stars).

I immediately watched the example for this assignment and thought it was so creative and thought mine could be hilarious. This video assignment takes audio storytelling and merges it with a video to develop a new story! I chose to take a modern video, that is recently very new and talked about: Hotline Bling by Drake. This video is really just Drake dancing around multiple colorful stages with some women occasionally popping up. Then, for the modern song, I chose Fur Elise by Beethoven, which many people have heard before. I thought these two would make for a great mash-up.

I used iMovie again, which I love using for these assignments! It makes it so easy. I converted the YouTube video of Hotline Bling to a mp4 file so I could easily add it to iMovie. I then converted Fur Elise to an mp3 file and inserted it into my iMovie timeline. I used to do both of these things!

I inserted a title screen and a credits screen to give credit! I did also have to turn down the volume for the Drake video. Once I had the video in place on my timeline, there is a place which shows the audio for the video. I just dragged it down to 0%, so my Beethoven music could be the only audio heard.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 9.20.34 PM

I had a great time making this video. It is comical to see these two very different types of genres/styles interact. I think the classical music I added to this new and funky Drake video provided some interesting dancing and an imagination for the watcher. I enjoyed making this and showing the difference in times that these 2 songs present.

Here is my final video mash-up of Hotline Bling and Fur Elise: