Life As An Animal: Edna Rose

Life As An Animal: Create a day in the life as an animal. Pick from begining to end pictures or videos of a perfect day in the life of an animal and create a video out of them. Be creative! Include music to go with the feel of the pictures or videos used. (4 stars).

For this video assignment, the task was to create a video of the life of an animal! I chose my dog, Edna, to be the star of my video. She is so sweet and my family and I recently adopted her in May. Since then, she has been a big part of my life and I miss her so much while I’m not home! I take pictures of her left and right, so I knew I had enough to make a great video! (side note: she also just turned 8 months yesterday, so this was perfect!)

I decided to use my computer’s video editor, iMovie. This is a great application that is easy and ready to use! I had worked with it before, so I was excited to use it for this project.

On iMovie, there is a timeline where you create your movie. I added all the images and movie clips I wanted to use and clicked “Import Selected”. Then, I created a title page for the beginning by clicking on “Titles” on the left hand corner. Then, I added the pictures in the order I wanted. I told a story by putting her playful pictures first, then I went from there! I ended the movie with a funny picture with Edna wearing a birthday hat.

I also used “Transitions” in between my photos for special effects! I also inserted text into some of my images to tell a story. I clicked “Titles” and used different text boxes to insert the text I wanted. This is interesting because you can make it whatever length you want, and you are allowed to edit the text you type.

I then decided to use a song for my movie! I used Jack Johnson’s “Upside Down”. I got this from Youtube. There was an option on the left bottom sidebar to upload from my iTunes, so I added it and it immediately inserted it into my movie! I didn’t need to crop it or anything, it adjusts itself to the movie length.

Here is a clip of the work I did in iMovie. It looks a lot more complicated then it actually is! The time line is the line on the bottom. The right shows me what the video will look like. And the left hand corner shows where I clicked Transitions, Titles, and iTunes.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.43.22 AM

The life of Edna Rose:

Isn’t she cute?!