Animal Dance Off: Sorry Dancing Puppy

Animal Dance Off: Find any song and mash up a video of some animals dancing. Try to get the animals moving to the beat. (4 stars).

For this assignment, I was to find an animal dancing and add music to it. I used Justin Bieber’s Sorry song, and a video of a cute Chihuahau puppy dancing. I converted both of these into mp3 and mp4 using Fltvo, respectively, in order to put them into my iMovie. I inserted them both, and then turned down the volume in the puppy video so the song would be amplified. I tried to make it seem like the puppy was dancing to the music in my video. I inserted a title page and a credits page using iMovie. It really is a great editing software, and you can see I use it for all my assignments that involve video.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 8.55.59 PM

This was a fun assignment, but I had a hard time finding a video of an animal dancing. A lot of the videos on YouTube were compilations, meaning they had a lot of videos of animals dancing into one, but the individual ones were only a few seconds long! I thought the song had a techno and very dance-like beat, so it made perfect sense to add this song to this fast-paced pup. (The real music video is just people dancing all over!) While the music is cool, it also goes along with his dancing! Utilizing any music can really add to any video clip that is produced, and that is exactly what I learned from this assignment.