Audio Story: Emotions Through Sound

So for my next audio challenge, I decided to choose one with cool sounds and combine them all to make an entire track. I really enjoyed this one because it sounded so great at the end! 🙂

I did the “Emotions Through Sound” Assignment where I needed to convey a certain emotion using 4 sounds. My sound was serenity.

I actually was busy commenting on another student’s blog and she did the same assignment and I really liked it, so I decided to do it as well. She gave some really nice pointers so I took them to heart and learned a bit more about Audacity and audio itself!

First, I went to FreeSound which has a variety of sounds you can download directly onto your Audacity application. I looked for ambiance-like sounds: birds chirping, trees, crickets. I found four that I liked: Birds, frogs, crickets at night, and rain on leaves. Personally, I think nature can be very peaceful, so I knew exactly which sounds I wanted to use for serenity. I downloaded them all, and dragged them into the application. I played around with the sounds as a whole in order to convey my emotion. Then, I played around with the Effects tool, and turned on “Fade Out” so it fades at the very end. I stalled the birds chirping until a little later into my audio track, and had the frogs really loud at the beginning using the “envelope” tool.  I also made the rain more subtle so it wouldn’t stand out behind the other sounds, by decreasing the volume.

I hope my sound is very serene!