Daily Create 9/9/15

This daily create was to add to a poetry writing by Fransesco Lovato. I found this daily create to be interesting since he wanted our input all over twitter! This is the magic of digital sharing over twitter and other applications.

#tdc1340: The current poem is #pxc001 and the first line is based on my ethnographic notebook from a recent stay in Bolivia. To participate in this poem, tweet your line to me at @_levato using the hashtags #pxc001 #poetryā€¯ Francesco Levato.


2 thoughts on “Daily Create 9/9/15”

  1. I really liked your quote. “She smiled towards the light and the rain”, this phrase represents that good and bad co-exist and to have light there must be rain and vise-versa. In life, this is too often the case. The bad times make the good times, and force us to appreciate the good times because the light can just as quickly turn to rain. I read this quote after I posted mine so it had no influence on my quote, and I would not say my quote correlates to this one, but this is not a bad thing at all. Again, nice quote. #talkingpolack106 #ds106

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