Daily Create 9/8/15

For this daily create on September 8, we had to cheer up my fellow student, Kelsey since she was having computer troubles. This is the worst, so I understood. It was funny actually because I’m not sure how I would feel being the center of the daily create for the day.

#tdc1339: Her computer crashed and ate her work! Cheer @kelseystanbro up!




2 thoughts on “Daily Create 9/8/15”

  1. Haha Hello! Thanks for cheering me up! Honestly it was really awkward throughout the whole day. I’m super glad I checked The Daily Create page when I woke up so I wasn’t just getting a bunch of random tweets. My phone was continuously buzzing throughout the day. Most of the post were so funny though and my friends and I were cracking up. But it was weird and then I posted a post about how it was weird and awkward and the person who made the daily create apologized and it was even more awkward cause then I felt bad haha. But he told me how they did this to another student one year and I did find the humor in it. I was actually hilarious and my friends joke about how people on campus are going to be like “Hey there’s that girl haha!” #talkingpolack106

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