Daily Create 9/24/15

Today, we had to add something new into an old picture for our daily create. I was thinking of technology and something that definitely “juxtaposes” the older days. A selfie stick helps people with phones take selfies with only a push of a button on an extended rod.

I used Preview, which is a nifty app on OS, to crop the selfie stick and add it to this photo of the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean 1894 war negotiation.

#tdc1355: Justapoxe old and new.



3 thoughts on “Daily Create 9/24/15”

  1. I like the idea to put a selfie stick in the picture because it does bring the future to an old picture, you placed the picture in perfectly. It is a great historic event to take a selfie in 🙂 #talkingpolck106

  2. This is an awesome example of old and new! It’s also really funny! They’re all leaning in and super serious so it’s easy to imagine how their picture would turn out 🙂

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