Weekly Summary 13 & 14

This week, we learned all about Remixing and Mash-ups. I had no idea this was an aspect that we would dive into for this class!! I was happy, because remixes of songs and videos are so innovative and funky cool to see and hear. I enjoy remixes that people create, and mash-ups of songs from specific artists or DJ’s. Whenever I think of mash-ups, I think of a DJ who makes mash-ups of popular songs and videos for each year. It’s like a collective memory of music from a specific year. Here is his mash-up from 2014:

I made my own remixes and mash-ups these past couple of weeks!

Remix Assignment:

  1. Travel with US

Mash-up Assignments:

  1. Changing Character: Serena Changing (4.5 stars).
  2. Movie Mash-up: She’s The Twelfth Night (4.5 stars)

What is a Remix??

Daily Creates:

  1. 11/18/2015
  2. 11/19/2015
  3. 11/20/2015

This was such a fun couple of weeks! I liked this part of our class, because we got to take others work and manipulate it and change it. For my remix assignment, I really got to see this in play. Also, remix and mash-up is good for video and music, but have you ever thought of remixing clothes? I love clothes and fashion, and if you think about it, most clothing nowadays are remixes of something made or fashionable a long time ago. Remixes are everywhere, and always apart of our life!  We love to utilize things from our past to create new things, which is exactly what remix is.


Weekly Summary #11 & #12

This week, we extended our knowledge on video to create many more captivating and interesting stories. I enjoyed adding on to this video knowledge, I learned more techniques to make audio enhance the video I am creating, more tools within my applications and edits, and just a new view on stories themselves. I have said previously that even though I liked to see how audio and pictures made great stories, but video is my favorite! It combines these two and makes something that we can hold on to, and we follow each piece differently until the very end. I hope I made great and interesting video content through my assignments this week!

Video Assignments:

Required Assignment, Gossip Miranda’s: Talking and gossiping to myself was interesting to see, but I believe I made a juicy gossip video! I found a new way to change my video appearance by making it black & white, which adds to the “OMG, no she didn’t,” feel to my video. (5 stars).

  1. Hotline Beethoven: I enjoyed creating this video as I needed to mix a modern music video with a more traditional and classic song. The result is a must see! (4.5 stars).
  2. Sorry Dancing Puppy: For this assignment, I found a video clip of an animal dancing. Then I added matched-up audio to enhance the video for the viewer. (4 stars).
  3. Mia’s Fast Makeover:  Using a small clip from one of my favorite movies, I utilized the many editing tools within iMovie and sped up the video and audio. The video reveals a fast-paced yet funny version of Mia from The Princess Diaries! (3.5 stars).
  4. What are THESE words?: This assignment required to think very randomly to create a make-believe story through video. (4 stars).
  5. Signing Words: This assignment, I signed a word in a video. This was such a cool story to portray, with no words or conversation at all in my video. (4.5 stars).

While these were all fun to create, I utilized more skills these past 2 weeks through all of the assignments. First, with the required “Talking to Yourself” assignment, I didn’t realize this aspect of reading and looking at the camera. I found myself re-doing this a couple of times because you really have to make this story real to act like you are talking to yourself. I then found a cool video appearances through iMovie, like black and white, which I think can really enhance the story’s meaning! Through the “What are These Words?” assignment, I realized how with recent technology and the help of our minds, we can imagine anything- from words to numbers. I randomly thought of words and found images of the actual word on Google, and created a really cool video with these images. Now, I can remember what each word represented in the video, and it has left an imprint on my mind. I didn’t think words could do this, but I think with the video compilation combining each word, it created this imprint for me. Now, every time I think of the word “Blue” I think of the neon sign in my video. I really thought this was cool. Also, when I created my Sign Language video, I was so surprised at how interesting this language is. In my video, I learned my word in sign language so fast! I was able to create my own story with no verbal words or conversation through this universal language. I thought this was powerful.

Daily Creates:

  1. 11/2/15– Sidewalk Crack Art
  2. 11/3/15– Filtered Selfie
  3. 11/5/15- Anny Cow the Researcher
  4. 11/6/15– You Created it, Now Sketch!
  5. 11/9/15– Remix Your World
  6. 11/10/15– Bridge over Troubled Water



Weekly Summary #10

For this week, we were to analyze video and movies. This is so interesting to me because I really do like watching clips and videos online. We also have done pictures and images, and then audio. Now, we are putting it together with film! First, I read and reflected on Roger Ebert’s journal about reading movies. He discussed some great techniques that I used throughout the week, and it was interesting to think about movies the way he does.

Then, I actually used the techniques he discussed! I used the Anchorman clip for my Look, Listen, Analyze reflection.  First, I watched this clip without sound. Then I just listened to the clip without watching it. Afterwards, I watched the clip fully! It was a cool experience to see what senses you use when watching a film.

Video Assignments:

  1. Life as an Animal: Edna Rose. (4 stars).
  2. Character Description: Gru. (4 stars).

I finally got to put the video techniques into use! I realized that video is the best and most fun way to express your story. I was able to do this through my images and the different music I used in my assignments. First, I was able to create an adorably cute video of my puppy Edna and how her life is. I made sure to include every picture I had to show her life! Then, I was to embody Gru, a Despicable Me character, through video. This was to show the viewers what type of character he is! I really enjoyed using iMovie and my creativity to make these video assignments.

Daily Creates:

  1. 10/26- Bigfoot is Missing
  2. 10/27- Happy Place
  3. 10/31- You Decide
  4. 11/1- Cartoon Me

I commented on other’s blogs and noticed that everyone enjoys video and the different cinematic editing that you can do. It’s interesting to see everyone’s progress now that it is week 10, and how our blogs are doing thus far.

I was really excited this week to work with video. It is always advancing and videos are being watched everyday and shared all over. I think video is such a storytelling aspect and my favorite part of this class so far. I didn’t have much trouble, even though I haven’t utilized iMovie in a while. I also realized this week that I am doing a good job on my blog posts. I am taking the time to make sure I have every reflection done well and I discuss everything I did. I did have trouble with that in the beginning of this class, and now I am happy to say that these reflections are a good way to express yourself and show people what you did.


Weekly Summary #9

Radio Show Reviews: This week, we had to review our own Radio Show and another show as well. This was interesting because I compared and also contrasted what our groups did differently. I tried my best to be fair and hopefully I offered some good tips. I was happy to do this because I felt like I was a true listener who was giving advice on how I thought it was through my ears!

  1. Wacky History Review
  2. The Verge Review

Storytelling Within the Web: OLIVE YOU (5 stars).

Other Web Assignments:

  1. Buzzfeed Personality Quiz (3 stars).
  2.  Dream Vacation on Pinterest (3 stars).

4 Daily Creates:

  1. 10/21/15 – Make Nature Stick People
  2. 10/22/15 – Is a Happy Place Always Happy?
  3. 10/23/15– Removed.
  4. 10/25/15 – Write a Tongue Twister.

Now, with each of my daily creates, I made a story through Flickr. I just connected each daily create with a hyperlink to talk about the life of nature and how we see it and what it does to us.

Web-based daily create story: What Nature Does

This week was very fun! I really enjoyed my web assignments I completed this week, especially the one where I had to recreate a website using the goggles! It was a little weird to review the radio shows, but I tried my best to be fair. I liked the different aspect of the dailies this week where we needed to make a story using each one we did this week. I learned that the web is surprisingly another place to create your own story, when you have a lot of creativity inside and patience 🙂


Weekly Summary: 7 & 8

DS 106 Radio Show: The VERGE. This was a fun couple of weeks creating a commercial, bumper and a show!

  1. Bumper
  2. Commercial 

Audio Assignments:

  1. Row Row Polyphony: The Mouse Ran Up The Clock! (2.5 stars)
  2. Imitate Some Weather: Sunday Morning.. (2.5 stars)

Daily Creates:

  1. 10/5- Pareidolia
  2. 10/7- What would I do if I had not lost…
  3. 10/8- Lasts. 
  4. 10/14- Bad Habits are good for you
  5. 10/15- Lucky, Lucky, Lucky
  6. 10/17- The Eighth Day

These couple of weeks have been great. I completed my audios early and then edited them all later. For the show theme, we thought science would be a great route to go into. It is both cool and fun to discuss, so we chose science! Instead of doing boring science topics, we decided to do different ones that vary in topic. We organized our group through our Radio Show discussion board on Canvas and used the GroupMe app to communicate. The easiest part was that we all set deadlines for each part, the commercial, bumper, show etc. It was nice to all be organized because organization is such an important part of group work! There really was nothing negative from working as a group because we all did our part! When making the commercial and bumper, I decided to include some interesting sounds and noises that I wouldn’t have thought of doing. Also, talking into a computer is still new to me. So, I tried to be more engaging with my emphasis on certain words. I think the show was great! We had a clear theme of doing science related stories and it came together well. I created a bumper, commercial, and my own topic show. In my personal show, I discussed the health benefits of cocoa. All of our stories relate to science in different ways, which I think will keep the listeners engaged but not bored. I think people will think it is interesting, and will want to do more research on cocoa, NFL concussions, Alzheimer’s disease, and the heart and exercise correlation.

I have actually really enjoyed this process. Even though talking out loud is weird, I do like listening back and editing this audio. I also really feel great listening to the final product! When I first started doing audio, I thought it would be difficult and take me so long to perfect my voice. But, after trial and error, I realized that I can do it! I just have to get used to Audacity, and then I can record my voice and insert sounds in no time. Again, the experience is rewarding after I get to listen to the finished product. I do like Audio more than I thought I would, but its still not my favorite!


Weekly Summary 6

This week was all about DESIGN! I had a great time with my design assignments, and also I learned so much more about each element.

Daily Creates:

  1. Combining 2 logos: Which Mexican restaurant will you choose?
  2. Upside Down Day: I chose something that looked cool upside down.
  3. Daylight Savings Time is soon approaching, and for this daily, we had to choose a photo that represents it.
  4. Look Outside your Window: This wasn’t very fun because outside my window was rain!

Design Assignments:

  1. One Story/Four Icons: I really enjoyed doing this assignment. I was able to use symbols to create a well-known story. (3 stars).
  2. This Assignment is Suspect: I used a suspect board and Despicable Me characters to display the tracks of Fluffy the Unicorn who was taken from Agnes! (3 stars).
  3. Movie Trading Cards: For this design assignment, I created my own trading card, pirate style. (4 stars).
  4. DS bumper sticker: I made my own bumper sticker that promotes DS 106! (2.5 stars).

Love at First Shot: I found a clip of a couple in love at their wedding and told a story about their lives together. (2.5 stars). 

I read Vignelli’s booklet, which describes design and all its aspects. He really is trying to teach design and what it means to him. http://mirandaskinner.com/thoughtsideas/the-vignelli-canon

Design SAFARI: This week, I tried another photo safari! I captured images in my house that captured each design element we have been learning about this week.

Radio Show Progress: We have com e up with a name, “The Verge” and we will be doing a show similar to RadioLab. We will all be discussing certain topics in science that are interesting and recent!

Our logo:IMG_9283



I really enjoyed this week’s theme of design. I always have been creative in the way of wanting to draw shapes and cool letters, so it was fun to look around and see specific design elements. I think I completed each assignment well; I put my creativity into each different story and my best effort into each design. I really enjoyed doing the Assignment “One Story/Four Icons” where I used my creativity to come up with 4 symbols for a story. I just thought it was interesting to see a “guessing game” appear and I had to do my best to story tell through these symbols. Since this was the first assignment I completed, I thought this was a major goal for me this week! I wanted each person who discovered my designs to know I was trying to give them a story to read. Each design may have been cool to see and look at, but I think the major component for me was to have a story behind each design.

Overall, I did not have trouble! I used my time wisely and discovered that I actually like completing these designs. I would have liked to even try more! I learned more about design and that it’s not just about colors and interesting typography. Each element makes a design unique in its own way, and I loved seeing this come in to play. Symmetry/Balance was such a cool element, and I everywhere I went this week, I tried to notice different symmetries of the room. It’s not as easy as you would think! I also learned, like I noted before, that each design tells a story. I was glad to learn this early so I could apply it to each of my designs this week.


Weekly Summary #5

  • My radio show name: 99.3 The Verge
  • Give at least 2 blog comments to each person in your group. Comment on at least three people blog post this week.

1. Photo Blitzes that I saw were really interesting this week. I thought that they seemed to be a very spontaneous and fun assignment, added with some cool photos. I talk about them in my own Blitz! 2. For a visual assignment titled, “Old to new”, I saw a before and after image of Monroe Hall and it definitely shows contrast that brings curiosity to me about the past of UMW. 3. The power of daily creates brings so many different thoughts and imaginations to everyone. I like how daily creates are always different, depending on the day, holiday, or season. 4. Another visual assignment I commented on was an image of a Bearfly. This was a polar bear and a butterfly blended together to create a fictional animal. It was cool seeing the work of others to see what their imagination came up with.

  • Review the suggestions for photography. Pick at least 3 to try in the context of doing other visual assignments this week or just for practice, and write a blog post showing the results. Add the one that you think helped you the most, and summarize in a blog post, make sure to reflect back to all reading.

Photography Tips 101 Summary:

  1. Put a Great Foreground in Front of a Great Background- I used this for one of my visual assignments Apophenia.
  2. Look to the light- Photo blitz of the window in my room. It showed an open window that was the only light coming through into my apartment.
  3. Paying Attention to Moment- I used a person’s emotion to pay close attention to this photo.

My favorite tip was one about changing perspectives. I think this tip can be useful for any photographer, because perspective can changed by getting on your tippy toes and shooting a great shot of the sunset. Not only is it easy, it creates more imagery to the viewer.

  • Complete the photoblitz activity, stick to the 20-minute window. There are no prizes or extra credit for how many you can do, just try and share the experience. Make sure your photos are tagged in flickr, and that you write a blog post talking about the ones you felt were your best and ones from others you saw in the mix that were commendable.

I really enjoyed this assignment. I was in my apartment and decided to just choose things that would be natural in any living environment to spark my imagination.

  • Review the suggestions for spiffing up your flickr page. Make sure you create a set for your best photos and add a few in there. Write up a blog post announcing it, and see if you can figure out to embed a flickr set in your post. 

I changed my URL, added my best photos to a collection/album, and edited some of my settings on my account.

  • Do at least 4 daily creates, and write a one-blog summary for all your creations. Make sure you are also narrating about them too, what it meant, what the inspiration was etc. Tell a story about your photos.
  1. Daily Create 9/21– I added a symbols all over, and of course I chose chocolate. For this, I used emojis on my pants that I was wearing that day.
  2. Daily Create 9/23– I also added food into another image for this day’s daily create. We were to add something into coffee, so I chose a French fry. I thought the last thing I would eat together would be coffee and French fries.
  3. Daily Create 9/24– For this daily create, we were to “juxtapose” an image. I used an image in 1894, and inserted a selfie stick to show how different the times though.
  4. Daily Create 9/27– I had to create my own Road Sign. I used a cool site where people produce actual road signs. I think it would be cool to see a road sign with letting me know that an ice cream truck was near. I am always in the mood for ice cream so this was my inspiration!
  1. Apophenia: I used a nail polish bottle and my imagination to create new images.
  1. Me and Bae: For this assignment, we were supposed to crop our faces into a celebrity photo. This was fun, since I created a funny description of the photo.
  1. Splash the Color: I used the popular “Splash” tool in order to revive an image in my photo of color. I related to this visual image because my photo told a story and I like seeing this happen.

Activity Summary for the Week: This week, my word was imagination. I was imagining so many different images and ideas through the visual assignments and the Photo Blitz. I wanted to be creative in my photos like scrapbooking, which is basically like a paper Flickr album. Scrapbooking is a way of keeping memories through photos and words. I wanted to use the same ideas of a scrapbook with my photos, except I needed imagination to create the story without words or descriptions. I thought about the tips of perspective, lighting, moment capturing and depth. Combined, I think all those aspects of photography make a great photo, and are all easily achieved. Perspective adds creativity to a photo, which is something to incorporate and is a different way of seeing images. Moment capturing is also interesting because it is such a big aspect of storytelling. I used my roommate’s emotion of stress to convey this, but I also think capturing candid actions are important. This shows people who weren’t at the place, game, or party what happened and what people were feeling. I try to imagine the feelings of people in photography all the time, and with the right capture, it is great what you can see and discover.


Weekly Summary #4

Summarize the key points you learned about audio storytelling from the Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad videos. Audio is another great form of storytelling that creates a lot of imagery in your mind in a different way. I really enjoyed learning about audio and how people use it to engage other listeners.This week, I was nervous about recording my own voice, but once I did it, I was fine! Ira Glass actually played one of his old reports to show how audio and radio does take time to perfect. Jad Abumrad describes how audio forces us to make pictures in our mind that we aren’t used to, and this is why radio is still popular.

Summary of the radio story you listened to, making special notes of the techniques used. Be sure to link to the show you listened to. I listened to Ghost Stories by Radio Lab. This was interesting because ghost stories really evoke different emotions of curiosity and horror. For each ghost story, there were eerie noises, and echo voices. This engaged me more, and I painted pictures for each story told. I liked this part of the radio story. The producers also spoke softly at certain parts, which did actually make the stories sound real!

Summarize/link the Audio assignments.

  1. I had to create my own “Real Housewives” Tagline. This was my first real audio assignment so I was nervous, but I enjoyed it because I watch the shows all the time!
  2. I wanted to use sounds to convey an emotion. I chose to create “serenity” with my sounds. I incorporated a lot of nature sounds for my emotion. I liked this audio story because the audio is very peaceful and serene.
  3. For this audio story, I had to make a mash-up of my favorite artist’s songs. I used five songs and made a cool mash-up. I really enjoyed this because music is something I enjoy!

Summarize/link At least 4 Daily Creates.

  1. Daily Create on Emotions: For this assignment, we had to link a picture to a certain emotion. I love dessert, and I used admiration for this.
  2. Daily Create on Creating an Old Photo: We had to choose a photo and add effects to make it look super old. I chose a picture with my friend and I in the woods, and added vintage covers to make it seem old.
  3. Daily Create on Doodling on a Woman: We were given a blank page and had to fill in the lines of a Woman. I gave her a dress and a purse!
  4. Daily Create on Five Picture Story: I created another story using pictures. I made a story about a Halloween party.

Summary of your feedback from your Comments and what you gained by looking at other people’s blogs. I learned in a Daily Create that grief is an emotion that is usually very common to everyone in pictures, and we can all identify it quickly. I learned that audio is a form of a story where listeners do have the control of the paintbrush. We can make the story go a certain way with audio since there are no pictures to look at. Also, I listened to another’s audio, and it was her first time too. I learned that we are all new at this, and this may be out of our comfort zone. She also wrote poetry for her audio story, and its cool to think that we can all try new things with digital storytelling. I also realized that audio stories evoke different emotions for everyone. Each person is going to interpret an audio story in a unique way, which is also what makes radio an intuitive thing in our world. I also listened to an emotion sounds story by another student, and she used anxiety as her emotion she conveyed. She recorded thunder, heartbeat, and extensive breaths. It all made me anxious after listening, and I really enjoyed her story.

I learned that audio is something that won’t be perfect for everyone. I created my own audio stories for the first time, which was nerve-wracking. By listening to other audio stories, I realized that radio creates images for us to have in our minds, which is something that other digital forms do not do. I enjoyed this week because the radio experts gave some great advice on audio and why audio is so important. I also got to experience cool techniques that make radio so fun and engaging for listeners.


Weekly Summary 3

“First, What is Storytelling?” What did you learn this unit about your notion of storytelling? Where might it apply to your interests or studies?  Storytelling is a form of telling stories, made up, real, to anyone at any age. I learned that storytelling is something that still occurs, and now, can be digital. This includes videos and blog posts all over the internet that we are able to view and listen to. I love to watch videos of makeup tutorials, and I use YouTube as my personal story-“listening” home. I also like to watch documentaries about Earth and life that are educational yet told in a storytelling way.
Blog post of analyzing a movie or a book based on Kurt Vonnegut’s Shape of Stories; this should include an graphic representing your own drawing of the arc. Did this make sense to you as a way to analyze stories? Include as well a summary of the digital storytelling example you chose.  Shape of Stories post.  I really enjoyed this assignment! I think the structure of stories is so important, and usually have some sort of similarity to other stories told in the past. Usually, you can recognize these arc structures that Vonnegut describes immediately in movies and shows. I used the reference Gone Girl, because I saw the immediate arc in the story as the main character, Nick, goes from bad to worse. The movie presents Nick’s downfalls in the very beginning, as his wife is missing, and he is soon deemed guilty of her disappearance. He then is caught cheating, and the police investigate their marriage that was obviously corrupt, neither putting Nick in a good light. Come to find out, Amy does fake her own murder, until it all unravels. The arc continues downward as she comes back home to Nick, and claims she is pregnant. She really is Gone Girl, if you know what I mean.
Blog post where you reviewed one student project from one from the collection of previous student’s self identified best work. Did these stories give you any insight into what a digital story is? I chose a story called “3,000 Miles in 30 Seconds(ish).” Here is my review: Appreciating Past Stories.  Emily’s story involves her taking a video that was roughly 30 seconds, as she travels 3,000 miles across the U.S. to start a new life in California. Her journey is really eye-opening, and her video proves that anyone could do it. This is what really struck me as a digital story– because she was sharing her own story to us. It was brave and inspiring to me as I watched and read along, and was curious to see more of her stories.
Blog post with your example of Telling a Story in Photos and your reflection on that activity. (2 separate blog posts) My Reflection of Telling a Story  and the example.

A summary of your Comment Group activity. This week, I enjoyed looking at other blogs. The posts were all different which is what makes it cool to comment!! I learned a couple of things as I commented around this week: I learned that Ryan Higa broadcasts his life and personality through the art form of digital storytelling in his videos. I also read about a past story, that still used “Once Upon a Time” which was interesting to see, because I remember that opening line when I was younger. I read about a movie review that presented Vonnegut’s arc. It was Wreck it Ralph, and it was interesting to see this story being told. I saw photos of a cool 21st birthday for the “Five Card Story” assignment, which proves how much impact stories hold, since they can be memories for the future. Lastly, I read a reflection on another past digital story that was about broke college students, which is really relatable to me as a student. Digital Stories share information that is so relatable, which is another reason why people love to read, watch, and listen.

Embed or link to all four of the daily creates you did this week and describe what you find good, bad or exciting about the daily create. Daily Create 9/7, Daily Create 9/8, Daily Create 9/9, Daily Create 9/13.  I was excited when I found out one of my Daily Creates was made!! I liked this. They are usually pretty easy to do. I like seeing what I can come up with. Sometimes, I forget about them, but I always do them, which can be bad sometimes when I panic!!  

Talk about this week in general: How is your experience of ds106 going? Are you feeling more comfortable with your blog? What do you need help with? My experience this week was very relaxed, and overall pretty good. I managed my time and always had time to do everything, and even enjoyed some of the assignment reflections. Once I realize when I can do my assignments, it makes everything a breeze. I am more comfortable navigating my blog, and I also created categories this week and updated some customary edits on my own blog. I do not need help with anything 🙂 



Week 2 Summary

How well do I feel I completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?   I think I completed this assignment well this week. It was more thinking and doing on my blog, with the reflections and daily creates we had. I installed the applications easily too. It is cool to see everything you do on the blog work after you know what you’re actually doing! What gave me trouble? What did I enjoy most? What did I learn? I had trouble when my blog domain wasn’t working correctly. I couldn’t log on to my blog, which worried me, because I still had things to complete for this week’s assignments. But I did log on through UMW domain page’s website and was able to get it all worked out. I enjoyed thoroughly making my GIF. GIF post here: (http://mirandaskinner.com/uncategorized/say-it-like-peanut-butter-jingle-bell-rock/) I always see them around on the Internet and have always wanted to play around with one to see how it’s made. I learned for one, to be patient with my blog, if it doesn’t work one time, it will work after some patience and a deep breath. I learned how to make a GIF and daily creates, which I haven’t ever done before. What would I do differently? Questions?   I would try to make a different GIF, I just thought they were really interesting. I would have added it to my blog to make it my blog more interesting, maybe a different scene of the movie I used. I don’t have any questions, I already asked when I had issues logging on, but I figured it out! What are some of the larger issues surrounding my work? Cultural/Societal implications?   I think some people may not like the way technology is heading. It may be a little too fast paced for some traditional people, who may not agree with Campbell’s article or Wesch’s talk. But, these new steps we are taking will create a better place to explore and learn, which will hopefully be accepted by society.

Reflection #1

Reflection #2






Daily creates: 

  1. https://twitter.com/mirandabloggin/status/638404157439934464,
  2. https://twitter.com/mirandabloggin/status/639492841262202880,
  3. https://twitter.com/mirandabloggin/status/639804975217012736
  4. https://twitter.com/mirandabloggin/status/640539826064912384