Daily Create 9/17/15

For this daily create, we had to doodle our own picture onto a woman. Using Sketchbook, I gave her a pretty dress, and she accidentally dropped her purse. But not to worry, she’s picking it up.

#tdc1348: Dumb doodle pad Art



Daily Create 9/16/15

For this daily create, I had to make a photo look super old. I used this by finding a photo that I thought would be a photo in the olden days. I found a picture of my best friend and I walking away from the camera in the woods. It’s a little eerie, and I thought it was cool. I made it darker, put a “vintage” filter on it, and blurred the edges in B&W to give it a good old effect. I also made my caption seem very vintage-like.

#tdc1347: An old photo.



Daily Create 9/15/15

For this daily create, we had to directly link a picture to an emotion. This is very interesting because different images have different imageries and connotations to everyone.

#tdc1346 Take an emophoto.

I just love all desserts, and this photo represents my loved admiration towards this food!



Daily Create 9/9/15

This daily create was to add to a poetry writing by Fransesco Lovato. I found this daily create to be interesting since he wanted our input all over twitter! This is the magic of digital sharing over twitter and other applications.

#tdc1340: The current poem is #pxc001 and the first line is based on my ethnographic notebook from a recent stay in Bolivia. To participate in this poem, tweet your line to me at @_levato using the hashtags #pxc001 #poetry” Francesco Levato.


Daily Create 9/8/15

For this daily create on September 8, we had to cheer up my fellow student, Kelsey since she was having computer troubles. This is the worst, so I understood. It was funny actually because I’m not sure how I would feel being the center of the daily create for the day.

#tdc1339: Her computer crashed and ate her work! Cheer @kelseystanbro up!




Daily Create 9/7/15

On September 7, the Daily Create was actually one that I created! So this was exciting. I made this daily create because I love dolphins. And the picture that was used was adorable, I have to say.

#tdc1338: Dolphin Meets Crab: Write a caption for what is in the mind of a dolphin as it travels to visit this rare, red crab.