Daily Create 10/31/15

Happy Halloween!!

#tdc1392: You decide!

This daily create was a “you decide”! Someone tweeted a daily create for everyone to do and it ended up being one where you had to add something to a picture of yourself and describe what superpower you now have. Mine is the power of love!! I added stickers 🙂


Daily Create 10/22/15

#tdc1383: Is a happy place always happy?

This daily create asked us a question that most people probably wonder about their favorite place.

My favorite place has to be the beach. All is calm and happy, and I love spending time at the beach and near the ocean. And being so interested in the ocean itself, I know there are bad things apart of it. This includes natural disasters that are derived from waters, like hurricane and tsunamis, and other disasters like riptides and shark attacks, and the pollution. Living on the East Coast, I am the first person to say that hurricanes do major damage to homes, roadways, and many businesses. I am always hoping hurricanes never reach the States. Then again, I have to realize that hurricanes are natural. Being at the beach is my favorite thing, and I do have to come to the reality that the water I am dipping my toes is does create these disasters.


Daily Create 10/21/15

For the day’s daily create, we were to have a photo that represents nature stick people. I thought this image was really cool because of all the branches. The branches can mean anything, like trees give off so much for life, or our hands are open to all.

#tdc1382: Make Nature Stick People


Daily Create 10/15/15

For today’s daily create, we had to describe our luckiest days!! I am very very lucky where I am, but I do wish I was on the beach with not a care in the world.

#tdc1376: Lucky, Lucky, Lucky


Daily Create 10/14/15

For today’s daily create, we needed to make a video that portrays our bad habit in a good light!

My bad habit is biting my nails. So, in order to make this into something positive, I quickly reached for my clippers, which I rarely use! Biting your nails = not having to use your clippers.

#tdc1375: Bad habits are good for you