She’s the Twelfth Night

Movie Mash-up:   Take a movie that you really like. Now think of a movie that has been compared to it, and make a new movie poster that incorporates the two! (4.5 stars).

For this assignment, I had to use two movies that are similar in themes, or really, just been compared before, and make a new poster that shows this!

I have watched She’s the Man, which is a great movie about Amanda Bynes’ character Viola, pretending to be her brother in order to play soccer because her team got cut. Here is the poster for this movie:


The next movie that has been compared to She’s the Man, is Shakespeare’s play, The Twelfth Night. This play, which is much older than the first mentioned, weirdly enough, shares a lot of the same character names including Viola, Olivia, and Orsino. Another big give away is that the main character in the play, Viola, disguises herself as her brother who she thinks has died at sea.


The similarities are crazy, and here is a YouTube video I found comparing and contrasting them.

Anyways, I made a cool poster combining the two above. I found both images on Google, and cropped the title from She’s the Man and pasted it on the Twelfth Night poster using Preview on Mac. It was very simple to just cut and paste.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 7.54.47 PM


I covered up the original title to replace She’s the Man with. I wanted to have both movie/play highlighted in the new poster because I thought this would bring in the crazy similarities from both to show them together. Its also cool to note the difference in times of them. She’s the Man came out in 2006, while The Twelfth Night was first performed in 1602.

Here is my final poster of the mixed, oddly similar movies. I really think the similarities are crazy.



Serena Changing

A Changing Character: For this assignment you need to pick any chacter and follow thier progression that they have had (TV characters from a long standing TV show will probably be best). Use video clips to show how the character has changed and grown up over time. Try to make their progression seem as dramatic as you possibly can. (4.5 stars).

"The Wrong Goodbye" -- Blake Lively as Serena Van Der Woodsen and Ethan Peck on Gossip Girl on The CW. Photo: Colleen E. Hayes/ THE CW 2011 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

For this assignment, we needed to create a mash-up video of a character. I chose the show, Gossip Girl, which is my absolute favorite show. I chose my favorite character as well, Serena Van der Woodsen, (played by Blake Lively) to show this character progression over the show’s period.

I used iMovie, which is so great! I found many show clips on YouTube and used to easily convert my video and add it to iMovie. I inserted a title page which is on the left hand side under “Content Library”. I also used Transitions which is located here as well.

Here are my clips I found on YouTube:

Blair and Serena Taking Pictures, Blair and Serena Fighting, Dan and Serena WeddingPilot,  Blair and Serena Fight,  Dan and Serena, Last Chance.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 6.56.50 PM

This was simple to create, and I really enjoyed going back and seeing different clips of her character, who really does change throughout the show. Her fashion sense, her personality, and her love life changes many times and it’s so cool to see. I loved her character and always thought it would be cool to make something like this mash-up to view how she changes.

This mash-up assignment showed me how this could be an awesome progression of anyone, not just a TV show or movie character. These mash-ups are great evidence of anyone’s progression that can be documented for special events like graduation, birthdays, and holidays. This really is a great memory capturing piece of work.

Here is my video of Gossip Girl’s Character: Serena


Signing Language: Spring and Rain

Signing Language: This assignment requires you to take a video of yourself or someone else and finger spell a word or a phrase in Sign Language alphabet and let others guess what you have spelled. Make sure you do a word that is bigger then 5 letters so you can learn some of the letters. (4.5 stars).

Once I saw this assignment, I thought it sounded so interesting and nothing like I have done before! I immediately chose one of my favorite things and decided to sign it.

For this assignment, I used the Sign Language Alphabet:


I used Photo Booth, which is on my laptop already, and decided to record myself signing a word (That you have to guess!!). It did take me a couple tries, but I got it in no time! I inserted my video into iMovie, and added a title page and a credits page. I added a song for the background, which I think was perfect for this video story. I used Coldplay’s Paradise off YouTube. I used to convert this song to make it easier to add to iMovie! It’s very easy to use.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 8.36.55 PM

I also decided to reverse the screen or “Flip” as iMovie calls it. I wanted to make sure the viewers got the right hand sign because I know video and pictures can reverse the ways are seen, depending on the angle of the camera. I found this by clicking “Adjust” and then, the little Video reel on the right. Then, under “Video Effect”, I chose Flipped.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 8.36.48 PM

I really liked doing this assignment. I am not much on recording myself, I always feel that I will mess up. But, I do have relatives that were deaf and this was a way of communicating. I think its such a cool thing that we can communicate by signs and its universal to everyone in the world. I wanted to sign something simple yet very meaningful, which is what I think is sign language. It is easy to learn, I learned my word pretty fast, but it’s so meaningful to people who are disabled from hearing. I believe this is a beautiful language and sometimes not verbally talking produces wonderful things, like love. I learned from this video that I think I may want to take up a new language soon!

Now, try and guess what word I am signing!!

Here is another clip of the Alphabet:


Hint: Spring and Rain


ANSWER: Flower

Hope you got it!


What are THESE words??

A Word…A Picture…A Story: Chose up to 5-10 words..just randomly pick them don’t over think it just chose these words out of the blue. Then do a Google image search on these images and chose one of the first visible photos for the word..after you have chosen your words and your images put them together in video form and tell a story..include a sentence with each image to help guide your story or try and tell it without the sentences. (4 stars).

This was a really cool assignment!! I was to pick random words out and look up their picture on Google. Then, I created a video to form a story with these pictures of the words I chose. I randomly chose 7 words:

blue november love john allergy edit yawn

How random??

I was just sitting and decided with those words. All of the pictures I used in the video came from Google, and they are random too! I dragged each photo into iMovie, and added the Ken Burns effect on some words. This is a cool thing that you can add to any video assignment that moves an ordinary picture anyway to make it more interesting to see. I added Weezer’s Island in the Sun from Youtube to give the video a cool feel for the watcher/listener! I also added transitions between each photo in the video. You can find the transitions to the left of the timeline on the bottom. There are many to choose from! I also inserted a title page and a credits page.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 5.47.08 PM

There is a story here. I know the words seem random, but each assignment has some sort of a story.

The color blue represented November for her. The month was dark and cold, and she never went outside. She began to realize she wanted to change something about herself. She always yawns over her routine everyday she goes through. Her allergies kept her inside most of the time, away from people and the sun. There was a man named John who did begin to stop by her house occasionally. Soon, this was one of the only things she loved. When John visited, she was happy.


Have a Convo: Gossip Miranda’s

Have a Conversation with Yourself: Have a conversation with yourself! Film yourself talking, then change clothes, hair styles, etc and then film the other half of the convo. Edit this in any movie editor program (I used Pinnacle movie maker) To overlap the two scenes so that you are talking to yourself! Play around, to figure out the most efficient way! Also, timing is everything in this! Make sure when talking to leave breaks for your other self to respond! (5 stars). 

For this assignment, we needed to talk to ourselves using video. This was interesting because you have to record yourself talking, and then change it up by talking back to yourself.

I first used Photo Booth, which is an application on my computer, to record myself easily (twice). I wrote a script for each “person” and said my part while trying to create space with pauses. I changed my hair and my clothes so we would look a little different!!

I then dragged both videos into iMovie. I clipped each part how I wanted them, and then dragged totem into my timeline. I switched each character so I would literally be talking to myself! I added a title page and a credit page to the timeline. I also changed up the video by making it black and white. I thought this added to the “talking to myself” feel of the assignment so it would look like we were in the same room conversing on a couch. I did this by clicking “Adjust” on the top. Then I clicked the color palette, and I dragged the second bar to the left where it was darker.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 2.32.40 PM

Here is a clip of my work. The timeline I am discussing is at the bottom:

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 2.26.47 PM

When I read this assignment, I thought of girls gossiping to each other. I thought it would be funny to have myself gossip with myself. So, my script contains a gossip story about a girl I know named Charlotte. I continue to talk about her bad day, but in the end, both characters want to help her out.

I liked doing this assignment. It was a little different to watch back because once I finished editing the video, it actually ended up seeming like I was talking to myself.



Chipmunk Style: Mia’s Fast Makeover

Chipmunk Style: Helium may be in short supply, but a little digital tweaking can still leave your favorite actors sounding like the Chipmunks. Take a clip from a film and either speed up the action or raise the pitch on the audio track for some high-pitched laughs. (3.5 stars).

For this assignment, I found a YouTube clip from the movie, Princess Diaries. I love this movie, it’s a classic! The clip is when Mia, the soon-to-be princess, gets a princess makeover. I thought this would be funny to speed up. I converted the clip using a converter site, Fltvo, and turned it into a mp4 file so I could easily insert it into my iMovie. Once it downloaded, I did just that.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 9.24.16 PM

I had a little bit of help from Apple Support, which helped me figure out how to slow and speed up video and audio using iMovie. I realized it was so simple to change anything regarding to the audio or video, you just have to double-click and the toolbar pops up above the video screen. There is a button that is in a shape of a turtle. I clicked that, and then it shows Speed. I clicked on the arrow, and then hit “Fast”, in order to speed up my video! You can also slow it down and customize the speed to your liking!

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 9.29.50 PM

This assignment reminds me of any girl’s makeover or any girl’s process of getting ready. Most girls want to look perfect, or like princesses, and we take FOREVER to get ready in the morning. For me, this getting ready time has definitely decreased since middle school, but sometimes, I still wish the process took a little less time and I could speed it up, like the video I created! Mia’s makeover was a long process, but I did manage to make it seem faster with their movements and their funny and new chipmunk voices!

I enjoyed this assignment because I do like this movie and I like finding new things to try, like the Speed tool.



Animal Dance Off: Sorry Dancing Puppy

Animal Dance Off: Find any song and mash up a video of some animals dancing. Try to get the animals moving to the beat. (4 stars).

For this assignment, I was to find an animal dancing and add music to it. I used Justin Bieber’s Sorry song, and a video of a cute Chihuahau puppy dancing. I converted both of these into mp3 and mp4 using Fltvo, respectively, in order to put them into my iMovie. I inserted them both, and then turned down the volume in the puppy video so the song would be amplified. I tried to make it seem like the puppy was dancing to the music in my video. I inserted a title page and a credits page using iMovie. It really is a great editing software, and you can see I use it for all my assignments that involve video.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 8.55.59 PM

This was a fun assignment, but I had a hard time finding a video of an animal dancing. A lot of the videos on YouTube were compilations, meaning they had a lot of videos of animals dancing into one, but the individual ones were only a few seconds long! I thought the song had a techno and very dance-like beat, so it made perfect sense to add this song to this fast-paced pup. (The real music video is just people dancing all over!) While the music is cool, it also goes along with his dancing! Utilizing any music can really add to any video clip that is produced, and that is exactly what I learned from this assignment.


Classical-Modern Mashup: Hotline Beethoven

Classical-Modern Mashup: Ingredients: 1 piece of classical music, 1 modern music video. How to make: First, strip or mute the music out of the modern music video. Then layer the classic music on top. Voila! Some hopefully hilarious, weirdly sexual classical-modern mashup. (4.5 stars).

I immediately watched the example for this assignment and thought it was so creative and thought mine could be hilarious. This video assignment takes audio storytelling and merges it with a video to develop a new story! I chose to take a modern video, that is recently very new and talked about: Hotline Bling by Drake. This video is really just Drake dancing around multiple colorful stages with some women occasionally popping up. Then, for the modern song, I chose Fur Elise by Beethoven, which many people have heard before. I thought these two would make for a great mash-up.

I used iMovie again, which I love using for these assignments! It makes it so easy. I converted the YouTube video of Hotline Bling to a mp4 file so I could easily add it to iMovie. I then converted Fur Elise to an mp3 file and inserted it into my iMovie timeline. I used to do both of these things!

I inserted a title screen and a credits screen to give credit! I did also have to turn down the volume for the Drake video. Once I had the video in place on my timeline, there is a place which shows the audio for the video. I just dragged it down to 0%, so my Beethoven music could be the only audio heard.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 9.20.34 PM

I had a great time making this video. It is comical to see these two very different types of genres/styles interact. I think the classical music I added to this new and funky Drake video provided some interesting dancing and an imagination for the watcher. I enjoyed making this and showing the difference in times that these 2 songs present.

Here is my final video mash-up of Hotline Bling and Fur Elise:


Character Description: Gru

Character Description: Create a short about a minute thirty to two minute video describing a character. Use about 3-5 short clips that describe the characters personality, that portrays what they will be like in the story. Basically you are just taking a closer look at a character before you begin the story so the audience can get to know the characters better. Make this fun, and interesting, create a story in your blog with this character. (4 stars).

For this video assignment, I had to embody a character from a movie and make a video all about their character. I used Gru from Despicable Me, one of my favorite cartoon movies. I thought this was a great film to use because there are 2 great movies where I could get clips from.

I first decided to go to Youtube to browse at the clips there! I found a few that I wanted to use. I then downloaded them using a website that changes Youtube videos into ready to use mp4. I inserted them all into my iMovie application, which is what I used to create the video. I inserted a title page, and then I started to clip the parts of video that featured Gru into the timeline (on the bottom). iMovie makes this really simple because if you added too much video or too little, you can just use your cursor to stretch in or out what you want.I also used transitions to make my film more fluid! I also found the theme song for the movie on YouTube and used it in my credits to add some sound to the video I made!

 Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 4.30.33 PM

I had a lot of fun creating this video! I tried to depict Gru as being a mean villain in the beginning who then turns into a soft and loving father figure to the girls. I think my pieces of the movie clips are perfect for anyone wondering about Gru’s character in the film. His character really changes and that is part of why the movie is such a good film for all!

Enjoy 🙂



Look, Listen, Analyze: Anchorman

I viewed the Anchorman clip.

  1. Camera: The first shot is of the main character with a close up view on his face. The next scene is of the anchorman battle. The camera cuts to about 15 different shots, same lighting throughout, the acts are in the foreground. The camera cuts to a view of different people on either side of the battle each time. Then, there is a scene with the main character’s eyes only showing. The next battle shown is between the main character and Veronica Corningstone. The view is from a basic angle. Then the cut it to a different battle with a bear. Then the battle with all the people again. Then, a scene of just Ron Burgundy running towards the camera. The lighting is bright here. Then, a scene of Ron Burgundy in a phone booth. There is only one scene here. Then the rest switches from the anchorman battle, to the Veronica Corningstone battle, to the bear battle. There was a lot of switches back and forth between different “battles” in the movie, which made it a little hard to grasp what was happening in different scenes. I did notice that the main battle scene with all the anchormen had different views from above, below, and a normal basic view. I liked seeing all different perspectives because it was hard to focus on what was going on with a mass of people fake fighting. There wasn’t much transitions, but there was a repetition scene which was funny to watch. There were not many camera cuts except for the very beginning which lasted 50 seconds. The lighting was good in every scene, most of the scenes were supposed to be outside so those scenes had intentional shadows of each person in the shot. There were multiple people in all the scenes, so the camera shot was shooting to a view of all the actors.
  2. Audio: There is a funny sound effect in the very beginning that comes right after Ron Burgundy declares his words. I noticed that he is the only one who’s voice is majorly heard in this clip. Then, a person’s voice is heard, but it is low. Then there is a very loud increasing sound effect that sounds like “Pew” of a gun that leads to this music. For the rest of the clip, the music plays. There are occasional yells and sound of swords. This music goes on for a while with brief sounds from the actors behind. Then, the sound cuts off to Ron Burgundy crying and whining, then it goes back to the music. I thought this was funny, that the audio went straight to that.
  3. Put it all together: I noticed that the music and effects I heard went along with what was happening in the clip itself. There wasn’t much voice of actors, but the camera told the story and the music and sound effects really supported it. I also decided to pause at certain spots to really investigate certain scenes like Roger Ebert suggests to do. I noticed more angle shots from above and that there were a lot of people in action in a majority of the movie clip. It all worked together to create a funny clip of Anchorman and the many “battles” that occur in it.

I learned that when I didn’t watch the scene, and only listened, I heard a lot more. It was amazing to hear all the background sounds that normally would be disregarded. After reading Ebert’s ideas of cinematic reading, I noticed the camera angles more. There was a lot of action and movement, and Ebert suggests this is more dominant that still clips. There were more foreground shots than background, which draws my attention more easily. Since this entire movie clip was about action and battles, a basic perspective was used from the camera. The editors of the movie clip did seem to notice this because they put all these battle clips together to show the perspective that the camera had during the film. The lighting was good and the quality of sound effects really supported the fights.