Digital Storytelling

When I think of the word storytelling, I think of my elementary school days. Distinctly in 1st grade, my teacher read stories while playing his guitar on Fridays. Every Friday, my fellow students and I would eagerly gather around him as he played and told a different story each time. He would strum his guitar and tell us stories that secretly correlated with some subject that was being taught at the time. I also recall asking my mom to recite me stories before bed when I was having difficulty falling asleep. She would tell me stories involving animals running around with their families, and I was so invested as she spoke, but then I’d eventually go to sleep and vaguely reminisce the ending in the morning. When telling someone else about this word, I would describe it as reading a made-up or true story that is very engaging and realistic. Children love storytelling; or “story-time” because of how authentic these stories seem.

The word digital is a word I relate to technology. It is on a screen and usually moves. Digital words, pictures, and video changes constantly, which is part of the reason why it is called digital, since it isn’t stationary like text in a book or magazine.

Hearing both phrases put together into digital storytelling, I think of exploring online stories and through the web. The term is definitely broader then the original storytelling phrase, mainly because the web is so wide and contains lots of stories that we can look at. Also, digital storytelling gives me a futuristic image of a teacher broadcasted on a flat screen reading stories to kids in a classroom.


Week 2 Summary

How well do I feel I completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?   I think I completed this assignment well this week. It was more thinking and doing on my blog, with the reflections and daily creates we had. I installed the applications easily too. It is cool to see everything you do on the blog work after you know what you’re actually doing! What gave me trouble? What did I enjoy most? What did I learn? I had trouble when my blog domain wasn’t working correctly. I couldn’t log on to my blog, which worried me, because I still had things to complete for this week’s assignments. But I did log on through UMW domain page’s website and was able to get it all worked out. I enjoyed thoroughly making my GIF. GIF post here: ( I always see them around on the Internet and have always wanted to play around with one to see how it’s made. I learned for one, to be patient with my blog, if it doesn’t work one time, it will work after some patience and a deep breath. I learned how to make a GIF and daily creates, which I haven’t ever done before. What would I do differently? Questions?   I would try to make a different GIF, I just thought they were really interesting. I would have added it to my blog to make it my blog more interesting, maybe a different scene of the movie I used. I don’t have any questions, I already asked when I had issues logging on, but I figured it out! What are some of the larger issues surrounding my work? Cultural/Societal implications?   I think some people may not like the way technology is heading. It may be a little too fast paced for some traditional people, who may not agree with Campbell’s article or Wesch’s talk. But, these new steps we are taking will create a better place to explore and learn, which will hopefully be accepted by society.

Reflection #1

Reflection #2



Daily creates: 





“Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able”

I watched the presentations by Michael Wesch called “Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able: New Learning Environment for New Media Environment”. At first, I assumed the talk would describe how technology generates a fresh learning environment for this generation. He explains how this web creates a new learning environment for students at universities, but also provides an environment to connect in the workplace and at home.

Wesch wonders about media: Is it using us or are we using media? I thought this was a great and broad question that many people may ask themselves as they are utilizing this media environment. As students and others browse, create, and communicate using the web, they could be operating incorrectly. This leads to frustration and further issues that cloud their mind when they think of this environment of technology we have. On the other hand, many experts use the web space in a number of eye-opening ways. Wesch then describes how the space created relief for the world, while showing how people quickly responded with the web during the Haiti earthquake. Even though I am only making my own blog and exploring little by little, I am hoping that with my experiences with the web space, that I can help others correctly use the media so we can continue to make discoveries through this media environment.

The web talk also states the big difference between being knowledgeable and having the ability of knowledge. Wesch says it’s easy to have knowledge just by learning. But, having the ability of knowledge consists of three separate parts: communication, empathy, and thoughtfulness.

These three branches match up suitably with this new environment of media we have been discussing. Wesch states that each communication interaction we encounter matters. I agree, people my age engage in interactions over the web, sometimes even more than normal face-to-face interactions. I think they are becoming more important in this environment, but Wesch describes that the connections we have face-to-face are more important. The other 2 branches are empathy and thoughtfulness; both also pertain to the web environment we are in. People within this environment should have the knowledge to be thoughtful and empathetic through every blog post or web search.

I enjoyed Wesch’s talk about this “environment” we are now in. Media has produced an enchanting dwelling that we all want to learn about, now that we have it right in front of us. The talk depicts how the Internet does so much good for the world, but we also have to know how to use the web space truthfully so we can advance this knowledge ability.



“A Personal Cyberinfrastructure”

The title, “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure”, sounded like the article would contain information about how people spend too much time on the Internet; exposing too much about their personal life for others to see. I thought the lesson would tell me to make the Internet a place to learn and explore, without putting too much “out there”. Once I read the article to its entirety, Campbell accurately describes how making the web a place for students to be independent and inventive on our own.

Having a higher education creates a space to create and discover on the web. The Internet plays a big role in my life being at a university, and with all the recent developments—plays a huge role in all of the future generation’s life. Campbell says that we, as students, have to think alone and then design a cyberinfrastructure ourselves and have our own “vision”. Pertaining to this class, I am gaining knowledge everyday about the wide web. I learn just by performing blog research that may point me in the right direction, but doesn’t tell me directly “how to”. Like any other challenging project, it’s more rewarding when you complete it alone—but finalizing something on the web is 10x more rewarding.

Even though I enjoy the thought of exploring the web by myself, others may not, and may need a little motivation to explore the “digital facelift” that has already occurred. Campbell compares us humans on the web as “gold” since this cyberinfrastructure is something fresh and in demand,  like gold. Yet there is no desire to spend time on this “gold” no matter what it can do for us humans. Older generations are usually traditional and think they cannot absorb web information anymore. I believe that anyone can learn about the web, once taught, and then, as Campbell describes, begin doing it alone to broaden their knowledge. I like the thought that I created my own web space online, and I will admit that at first, it was intimidating. All I needed was a little room to discover how satisfying it is to have a broad knowledge about my own personal web space.

I enjoyed this article by Gardner Campbell, as it concluded how the web is being misused while it frankly shouldn’t be. I created my own web space, which gives me the ability to do more, communicate with others, and increase my experience level about this cyberinfrastructure. This cyberinfrastructure that we have can teach others the ways of designing and inventing something online that is your own.


Say it Like Peanut Butter: Jingle Bell Rock



Story: As you may see, my first Digital Storytelling Assignment, is a Mean Girls GIF. This is a classic movie that I probably know every word to. Anyways, Lindsay Lohan plays the main character, who moves to a new high school all the way from Africa where she was home-schooled her whole life. She plays innocent Cady, who arrives having no idea about high school, weird boys, hard teachers, and of course mean girls.

Process: After reading our first Visual Assignment, I was excited. I always see GIF’s on the internet, they are brief pictures of any video clip or picture that has subtle movement. I was thinking about what movie I wanted to use; and I thought after a long week I could use some humor, so of course I ventured to Mean Girls. This clip is of the “Plastics” (i.e. this is what the mean group of girls call themselves in the movie.) dancing rather provocatively to the famous Christmas song, Jingle Bell Rock. May I add they are at a school talent show?

Work: I did some research and found a helpful site called Make a Gif, which led me to create my masterpiece. First, you can pick which method you want to use. I picked Youtube, but you can select others including pictures, webcam, and video. I uploaded my YouTube URL, and picked which part of the clip I wanted to utilize. From here, it shows you what the GIF will look like so you have some kind of idea, which is really great in my opinion. My GIF length is 5 seconds long, which is a perfect amount of time for these clips. After I was done editing the clip, I was done and my GIF was complete! It was simple and fast and I will probably create more after this.



Week 1 Summary

  1. How well do I feel I completed the requirements of this week’s assignment?   I think I completed this 1st assignment well. I read the directions and followed along and created all the social media accounts. Finally, I created my blog and put it all together. 2. What gave me trouble? What did I enjoy most? What did I learn?    I ran into some trouble when my links weren’t posting into my blog correctly! I tried a couple of times to post my Flickr picture and it posted when I actually clicked the URL of the picture instead of the “Share” button. I enjoyed seeing my blog complete after I put everything together. It’s nice and rewarding to see a final project come together! I learned about SoundCloud, this was a new social media site for me to visit! I also learned the ropes of making the blog on WordPress and how to edit it. 3. What would I do differently? Questions.. If I could do anything differently, I would add one of my favorite social media sites, Instagram. It is a great picture sharing application, and has really cool and interesting photos. I do not have any questions, the blogging process was straightforward for me! 4. What larger issues surround my work (Cultural/Societal)?   The larger issues that are around my work are certain beliefs and opinions of others. Some people might not think blogging is a correct way to share information or interests to friends, family, or the entire world. Some people may disagree with my blog in particular with my choice in music or likes. Domain and Social Media Commentary    I had a good time setting up my domain. It was cool to see that I created it myself and now have a website that belongs to me. Then, I created a new twitter account, which was simple, and starting tweeting! I already had a YouTube account. I created a SoundCloud, which was new to me, but it does have a lot of awesome music which I have already started looking into since creating my account. I like Flickr, I instantly added some of my favorite pictures to this site! With all this, I created my first introductory blog post and had a great time doing it!


Hello, world!! All about me..

Hi, My name is Miranda. I’m a student in #ds106. Welcome to my first ever blog!!

One of my all time favorite things is being at the beach or near an ocean. I also am a bio major and love marine life, and the ocean ecosystem. I visited Bermuda recently, and here is a beautiful picture of the rocks and clear waters there.


It’s awesome to have great friends and family! Friendships and relationships make everything in life more enjoyable. This year, I’m  living with 3 wonderful friends and am super excited!!

Even though sometimes it feels like I’m a grown up, my favorite feel-like-a-kid movie is definitely Despicable Me and more recently, Minions. (I wish I could talk in Minion language sometimes when I don’t feel like talking to certain people. )

And to close out my introduction, I’m showing you my favorite song. (This is probably a given, I wouldn’t show you a song that I dislike, now would I?) It’s easy listening, and it reminds me that there is always good times ahead with great friends and family. Island In The Sun x Weezer