What is a Remix?

The first video was a documentary by Brett Gaylor of a remixer called Girl Talk. This band, like many artists and bands, plays music in crowds for many to hear and enjoy. The only difference is that his music is a compilation of many different artists.

I learned in the video what exactly copyright is! It always was a little fuzzy to me. Copyright is for people who want to keep their ideas, while, the opposite, copyleft is an exchange of ideas. I thought it was interesting that they described a song that does have copyright is the famous “Happy Birthday” song. Everyone sings this song on other’s birthdays, never realizing that someone did write this song a long, long time ago!

Nowadays, you are hearing a lot about music stars and singers who take lyrics and music from previous songs. This usually ends up in a lawsuit or an argument at least, and this is because of copyright of songs. Recently, Taylor Swift was being sued for her song, “Shake It Off”. This was because a song called “Haters Gone Hate” was written before. In the video, the band Led Zepplin has been known for taking songs. But, this was legal because the band didn’t modify it enough to claim it.

The motto that was concluded in the video about remixes was so cool to think about. All remixes and mash-ups compile music and video clips from the past and make something new for the future.

“Culture always builds on past” and “Past controls future”

So, what exactly is a remix???


Star Wars Call Me Maybe– This video was clips from Star Wars movies that uses the dialogue to create a new remix of “Call Me Maybe”. This was a great remix! This is a remix because they used the music from the song, and the Star Wars movie to create something new.

Don’t Tase Me Bro/MC Hammer– A video of someone saying “Don’t Tase Me Bro” being inserted into the song “Don’t Touch This” by MC Hammer. This is a remix because they are taking the original song and replacing certain words with their own.

Bad Blood Cover- This is a cover of Taylor Swift’s song Bad Blood. You can find these “covers” all over YouTube. This is a remix, and they give credit below their videos, stating this is a Taylor Swift song, and who it was written and published by.

These are all creative works in my opinion. People have such creative minds and once they see or hear something, they want to use it and create something new and exciting! Remixes and mash-ups are those things that people see all the time on the news or on the internet that sparks our attention. We know these remixes that people all over the world make are awesome and we that is why these compilations or covers go so viral!


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