Wacky History Show Review

I am reviewing the radio show “Wacky History“. Their radio show discussed the wacky history of different things!

In regards to audio quality and editing, there were long pauses in between some of the individual’s shows. At first, I thought it was about to change to another person’s show, but it wasn’t. This made the show seem a little stitched together and a little hard to listen to. I also couldn’t hear the voice in the very first introduction because the music was overpowering her voice. During the “Wacky History Lightening Round”, it seemed like the person talking was very close to the microphone, making it hard to hear what he was saying. And other times during the show, the voice level was way too loud!

Music/Sound Effects: The first introduction rock music didn’t really fit the theme of the show in my opinion. At the time of 9:50, the music choice was interesting. It sounded like elevator music. I didn’t expect this music while they were discussing dentures! Other times, the music was okay, but not very necessary. I think it needed to be there in order to not make it boring. I liked the ticking noises when there was wedding band trivia, this was really cool.

The show seemed cohesive with everyone talking about the same thing whether it was dentures or wedding bands, but the show’s editing did make it seem a little stitched together. The first dentures show was cool at first, but then it got boring unfortunately. The bumpers and commercials were relevant. I really enjoyed the wedding bands discussion show. All of the content was very interesting! I was impressed with the trivia questions that were asked during this show too! 

Overall, I liked the show. I wasn’t blown away by it. I see the theme they were achieving with the funny history facts of certain objects, but there was no drama or anything really keeping me in tune. I think they researched a lot and gathered a boat load of information about dentures and wedding bands, which is impressive. On the other hand, I think it would have been helpful to add something else to talk about because it got boring at some parts. Also, I would recommend reviewing the noise levels because it was super loud and then soft at times!

Out of 5 stars, I would give Wacky History 3 stars.



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