Visual Assignment: Splash the Color

Splash the Color: For this visual assignment, our task is to remove color from a photo, and then restore color to an object in the photo. (3.5 stars)


I took this photo over the summer, where there were only dead grass and weeds around. Then, I came across these small daisies. It was so random to see them sprouted, so I had to capture them. I chose this photo because I think flowers are so simple yet beautiful. No matter what was around them, weeds and all, the flowers bloomed and became so bright. I wanted to emphasize their brightness in this photo. This idea is also something that can apply to certain situations, whether it be school, sports, work, or relationships. Although there may be things around you blocking your shine, someone or something always brings out your greatness so everyone can see for themselves.


I used the Aviary application, which is available online and can be downloaded on your phone. Once I was on the app, I chose the “Splash” icon. It turned the photo black and white. From here, I was able to use the “Smart Color” tool and click on areas where I wanted color. I then clicked the daisies to revive them of their color.

I enjoyed doing this assignment, because I always see this splash tool being used. It usually emphasizes something that may be a hidden or not the main part of an image.


4 thoughts on “Visual Assignment: Splash the Color”

  1. Great photo, I really enjoyed! Flowers are beautiful! The fact that there is weeds and dead grass surrounding the daisies only accentuates the daisies. You did a great job “splashing” the daisies really stand out in the image. Right away I connected this photo to life. The weeds represent the bad times in our lives, and the daisies represent the good times. No matter how much “bad” we encounter, there is always “good”. It is up to us to find the good times/things in life and emphasize the “good” as much as we can. #talkingpolack106

  2. This is a beautiful photo. It’s not too much color, it’s subtle yet meaningful. I loved (loved) your life connection; it’s so true! No matter what “weeds” are blocking you, you still have “flowers” to make it easier and brighter! love it! #talkingpolack2015

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