This Assignment Is Suspect: Who took Fluffy?

This Assignment Is Suspect: Have you ever seen those crime shows that organize a case using a suspect board? Like Scandal or Blacklist? Well, that’s exactly what this assignment is. You will create a suspect board (or a board that connects different characters) to show interaction between the people. Feel free to add text, objects, and locations that connect to the people/characters to develop the story even more. Make sure that the board clearly shows how the pieces are connected, and in your post, explain the story behind it. A good example is one completed by Julia James using Microsoft Word by inserting text boxes and connecting them with lines. (3 stars).

Here is my finished product:

Who took Agnes’ Fluffy Unicorn??

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 5.28.23 PM

Who Took Agnes’ Fluffy Unicorn? It was last seen in Agnes’ bed around 8:30pm last night beside her fluffy pink pillow. The prime suspects include Dr. Nefario, who was last seen in the lab mixing up some weird-looking chemicals. Did he mix Fluffy in his flask for a new concoction? Bob the Minion is also another suspect. He always walks around with his Teddy Bear, so it is plausible that he wanted another animal. Plus, Bob is very small, so he could easily sneak into the room where Fluffy was sleeping. Gru went into the girl’s room last night to tuck them in and sing them bedtime songs. He could have easily taken Fluffy! Mrs. Hattie, the mean lady at the Adoption office, never liked toys or bows so she is a prime suspect, according to Agnes. With all these clues, who could taken have Fluffy??

For this assignment, I developed a Despicable Me suspect board. I knew the characters well so I wanted to use them for this design assignment. I downloaded a cork board styled template and inserted it into a Powerpoint slide because I was able to work with it more easily than a Word document. I added character photos and then linked them all to the Unicorn with lines I inserted under the “Shape” bar. I inserted text boxes to add more detail behind the Fluffy story. I really like Despicable Me movies, I think they are great movies. I used short black lines and rectangle boxes to help create my design. I also used Uppercase letters and the underline feature in the text in order to attract certain areas of my Suspect design.

After all said and done, a couple minutes after the Suspect Board was created, Agnes realized she had Fluffy the whole time. She didn’t notice him because he was just too fluffy.



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