The Verge Show Review

Next, I am going to be reviewing my own show, “The Verge”. We discussed many different topics in science.

Audio Quality/Editing: I think the audio was at a good level! For the concussions in the NFL show, the audio was a little bit low. Other than that, it was constantly good and there was no shouting or whispers in the show. There were clean edits in between which was easy to listen to!

Music/Sound Effects: I really enjoyed the creation of the “Bill Nye” bumper song. It really went well with the theme! In the first segment on Alzheimer’s, the music and sound effects were so good! When she was discussing a rather sad fact on the disease, the music was serene and a little bit slower. I thought this was perfect for her show. ¬†Also, all of the background music fit great. I also liked the NFL show’s football practice sound effect, it sounded so real! The mysterious sound in the scientist commercial was also funny and related to science.

I was drawn in to listening to the show! The range of topics from Alzheimer’s to Cocoa benefits made it seem very diverse, which makes all listeners drawn to our show. I thought there was a story here with helpful people effectively discussing science in a radio-show type of way!

Overall, the show was pieced together well and had interesting segments. The show was all about science topics and was cohesive with different sound effects and transitions. I was glad that we had many different topics so people would want to listen to each segment, and not get bored. I did think that the introduction was a little too long in the beginning.

I give “The Verge” 4 out of 5 stars.



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