Telling Stories with Photos

Five Card Story: Building

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The inside of the city building contains empty rooms with echoes and only shadows from the windows. The floors are shiny, but are nothing without the furniture and desks that used to stand there before. There are birds that have created a new habitat inside, mainly on the stair rails that weren’t removed. The back door lead to a large backyard that had tables, grills, and overheads used for lunchtime and socializing. Now, these grounds are covered with levels of leaves. Graffiti became a usual thing for this city building, but only on the backside. The graffiti provides a bright visual, which differs completely to this once bland building. Although this city place seems distraught, the front side sits on Center Street, a busy and demanding street. The columns of the city building are large and standing, and is a landmark for outsiders of the city. Even though the building screams department, the outside still remains as a happening place where students take pictures and people stop to gawk.

My Reflection: Creating this story from photos started by me randomly choosing five Flickr photos and writing my own story using those specific clips. I clicked on 5 different photos, they were all random, and got stuck so I tried again. There were different photos from the first try, so I got a brand new perspective. I chose 5 new photos and began to think. All of my photos were very desolate and bare, which I liked. I decided to write a story about a single building which had basically been run out. Even though it was desolate, this building was inside of a large city and was still a famous place for people to see. I wrote about the photos as if I took them, and I came up with this idea of the building being alone in a crowded place. I enjoyed the writing about random photos, it broadens my creativity which I liked.



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