She’s the Twelfth Night

Movie Mash-up:   Take a movie that you really like. Now think of a movie that has been compared to it, and make a new movie poster that incorporates the two! (4.5 stars).

For this assignment, I had to use two movies that are similar in themes, or really, just been compared before, and make a new poster that shows this!

I have watched She’s the Man, which is a great movie about Amanda Bynes’ character Viola, pretending to be her brother in order to play soccer because her team got cut. Here is the poster for this movie:


The next movie that has been compared to She’s the Man, is Shakespeare’s play, The Twelfth Night. This play, which is much older than the first mentioned, weirdly enough, shares a lot of the same character names including Viola, Olivia, and Orsino. Another big give away is that the main character in the play, Viola, disguises herself as her brother who she thinks has died at sea.


The similarities are crazy, and here is a YouTube video I found comparing and contrasting them.

Anyways, I made a cool poster combining the two above. I found both images on Google, and cropped the title from She’s the Man and pasted it on the Twelfth Night poster using Preview on Mac. It was very simple to just cut and paste.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 7.54.47 PM


I covered up the original title to replace She’s the Man with. I wanted to have both movie/play highlighted in the new poster because I thought this would bring in the crazy similarities from both to show them together. Its also cool to note the difference in times of them. She’s the Man came out in 2006, while The Twelfth Night was first performed in 1602.

Here is my final poster of the mixed, oddly similar movies. I really think the similarities are crazy.



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