Shape of Stories: Gone Girl

After watching Vonnegut’s video on stories, I thought about movies that I have seen recently. I watched the movie Gone Girl, which is an awesome movie that I highly recommend. But spoilers below if you haven’t seen it.

The movie starts off with Nick (Ben Affleck), worried because his wife, Amy, is missing..on the day of their anniversary. He goes to the police, fortunately, and they start investigating this interesting case. Weirdly enough, Nick becomes a prime suspect in their case. The movie presents Amy’s side in between clips of the investigation and their life before this happened.  We seem to hate Nick at first, but as the movie proceeds, we learn that Amy has faked her own disappearance and murder…and pregnancy. Although her plan is extensive enough to make any watcher cringe, it ends up failing and Amy claims she was taken by an ex-boyfriend. The movie ends with Nick back with “crazy Amy”, and scarily enough, he can’t leave her.

In order to present the bad to worse approach, I drew out the structure of this movie to display the downfall of this movie:


Nick comes home the morning of his and his wife’s anniversary, and there is a weird incident in the living room where the table is broken and blood in the kitchen. Amy is no where to be found. Nick calls the police immediately, and they start investigating. Gone Girl.

Every anniversary, Amy would set up a gift scavenger hunt for Nick. This time, Amy made the hunt, hoping the police find the clues that would make Nick seem suspicious. Soon after, Nick becomes the main suspect in Amy’s disappearance. CRAZY right??

Another downfall of Nick; he ends up being caught fooling around with a younger woman. This makes his character seem even more guilty with the “CHEATER” arrow pointing right at him.

The police then discover Amy’s journal, which is also faked. Surprising, right? They also find out that Nick basically lived off of his wife’s large trust fund, which doesn’t help the matters.

The movie concludes once Amy returns home. Oh, and she says she is pregnant. How is Nick supposed to believe anything she says?


Here is a form of a digital story I found. It is a video review of the movie Gone Girl. Jeremy Jahns discusses recent movies in his blogs and they usually present some humor. His reviews and many other blogger’s videos involve their input on usually something specific: movies, makeup, restaurants, this week’s trends, etc. I think these blog posts that people across the country create everyday are forms of the digital storytelling art we have been talking about. These videos are shared for everyone to watch, and us viewers are so captivated and interested in their stories and we keep coming back for more.



6 thoughts on “Shape of Stories: Gone Girl”

  1. I’ve never seen Gone Girl, although I’ve heard it’s a fantastic film, although it seems like no one in the film is really a great person! You did an excellent job of describing the plot and the way it fits into the “downward spiral” graph. It seems like no matter whose perspective the film was shot from, it would always end up in this same graph, which makes it pretty interesting.

  2. I read this book and really liked how the book would have so many unseen twists throughout the plot of the story. Your story shape works pretty well for the book since all that really happens in the book is life gets worse and worse for Nick. Would you recommend the movie because I haven’t seen it yet only read the book? #talkingpolack106

    1. I would definitely recommend the movie! I have yet to read the book, which I usually always do first, but I actually didn’t know it was based on a book until watching it.

  3. Gone Girl was one of the movies I considered using for this specific assignment. Your description of it was extremely accurate and I agree with you saying it went from bad to worse. There were so many plot twists in this movie and I think you did a good job of capturing all of the high points in the movie. In the line where you said, ” How is Nick supposed to believe anything she says?”, I think that was the perfect way to wrap up a description of Gone Girl and all the crazy things that happen throughout.

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