Photography Tips 101

I learned some tips for my week through duChemin’s photography book.

  1. Look to the Light: I used this in my Photo Blitz. (#3) It was an open window, and the lighting from the window is the only think that is coming through. I liked this photo because not only can you see the light, you see the shadows of the furniture below the window. Even though I was focused on the window, I liked the image light as a whole.
  2. Put a Great Foreground in Front of a Great Background: For one of my Visual Assignment’s Apophenia, I captured a photo of a simple nail polish bottle. But, the photo has depth of the nail polish in the foreground and the background being blurred. I love doing this in photos, because you get a focus of an object, but the background is pleasing as well.
  3. Pay Attention to the Moment: Again, referencing my Photo Blitz, (#2) I took a close-up photo of my roommate expressing her emotion. I always think “candid” photos are usually the best, because you catch people in a moment where they aren’t specifically staring at the camera. Even though this was no action shot, she was telling me about her stressful day. I paid close attention to her emotion directly, since stress was so fresh in her mind.

While walking around downtown Fredericksburg, I decided to think about the tips and the week as a whole. I love photos, even though I don’t necessarily like to be in them when my hair  looks a mess, I love seeing what I can do! Technology has come so far, there are so many different effects and focuses you can try. It was so cloudy this weekend, and cloudy days actually make cool photos. I noticed the sidewalk had some oily residue mixed with water, which formed little bubbles.


I think Change My Perspective By Changing Yours is such an important tip that any photographer can use! I was kneeling on the ground so the light touches the perfect part of the bricks, and so the viewer can see the bubble depth. Any photographer can look a different way or change their position in order to grab an awesome photo.


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