Photo Blitz!

I decided to use my apartment as my space. I did this because I thought I would find normal things to interpret and use them in the blitz. I liked this experience, it was easy and fun! I just ran around my apartment trying to create images with this blitz! I enjoyed finding 2 things that don’t go together, because this sounds simple but it was a little difficult! I had a lot of favorites, but I have added 5 of my favorites.

Converging Lines: For this one, I decided to use my roommate’s flannel shirt. I thought it was cool because the plaid design obviously has lines, but with the background lines added other lines that converged.


2. Human Emotion: I used my roommate’s emotion of weekly stress to convey this one. I liked this because we were talking about her homework she needed to do, and this was her exact emotion, so I had to grab it!


3. Openness: This was my ultimate favorite. In my apartment, I have curtains. And today, it was dark in my apartment, and the only thing showing light were my windows. Even though windows are closed, it provided an open feel. This also incorporates the photography tips of looking towards the light. In the photo, you can see dark and then the window projects light, which I really liked.


4. Two Photos That Don’t Belong Together: Surprisingly, I had a hard time finding two objects that don’t really belong together. I was hungry so I was eating carrots, and then we had a bowl of candy near, so it was perfect.


5. Someone Else’s Hand: For this photo, I wanted to show a hand doing something. Our hands do so much, like making delicious cookies, so I decided to capture this image of my roommate using a spatula.


I also took a look at others blitzes!

I enjoyed Rachel’s complexity  image. She created an image with a single plant and it created a cool look.

I liked Kelsey’s image of a human emotion. She took a photo of people at the Alzheimer’s walk, which definitely brings emotion to everyone.

Another photo I enjoyed was Adam’s photo. He turned his lamp upside down and it created a cool shadow that made it seem like he captured the photo from underneath the lamp.



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