Movie Trading Cards: Pirate Stare

Movie Trading Cards: Design trading cards for your favorite movie. Grab a screenshot from a film of your choice to create a trading card in the spirit of the classic Star Wars movie trading cards. Also see the imagined trading card for The Shining here for some inspiration. This assignment was inspired by Sean Hartter’s rendition of Brazil trading cards in this post. (4 stars).

For this design assignment, I created my own trading card! First of all, I have never owned one of these things in my life, so this was going to be new for me. I chose a movie that I thought would have popular trading cards out. Pirates of the Caribbean is an action filed, interesting movie, meaning people would definitely collect its cards. I know I would!

I chose my favorite clip of Jack Sparrow from the first Pirates movies.  I just searched on Google, “trading card template”, and I found one that resembled the Star Wars card in the assignment description. I downloaded the template and added the image of Jack Sparrow into the card hole. Then, I added my card into Word, and then added two text boxes to give the card a catchy description.

Here was the template I downloaded:


I enjoyed this assignment, one because I have never really collected the cards myself, and two, I love the Pirates movies. And surprisingly, I never really thought about how much design elements were incorporated into these cards. This made the assignment that much more interesting to complete. As I was scrolling through the different templates trying to get an idea, they all have different shapes and sizes. I also searched the Star Wars cards, and I found this one that I thought was super cool!


First, I noticed that the text is interesting and large. The background has converging lines and a blue aura design. I was surprised with these elements and detail in all the trading cards that I searched online, since I just thought these cards were plain and boring!

My final trading card template I created of Jack Sparrow:

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 11.33.45 PM



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