Love at First Shot: Ty the Knot

Love at First Shot: Take/Find a picture of a couple who are obviously in love. Use the picture to tell a story. Give the story some background and maybe even create a dialogue between the two or tell the story from each point of view. Just give it some detail and create a background to your photo! It can be a true story or a completely made up one, just have fun with it! (2.5 stars).


Ty and Krista had wanted to get married ever since they met in high school. They were always friends with the same people, but never got connected since Krista was one year younger than him. Until one small party at Ty’s best friend’s house, they ended up sitting on the same couch got to finally talk. He knew of Krista, thought she was really cute, but never thought it would ever happen with her. “She was one of those girls who was too good for me,” Ty said. She brought up her favorite ice-cream restaurant and he talked about his classes. There was a spark and they exchanged numbers, and started dating instantly. “He was a year above me, smart and funny, I really liked him,” Krista said.

A few short years later, Ty went off to college, leaving Krista scared and at home alone. Ty didn’t know what was to come, but he sure did love Krista. With FaceTime every Tuesday and lots of short visits, the couple stayed together, beating all odds. “No one ever did this. Every couple we knew broke things off after high school,” Krista stated. The couple continued at separate colleges, still visiting and basically being a second student at the other’s school. They had become closer than ever before and started thinking about the future together.

And after they both graduated from their own universities, Ty went to Medical School and pursued his dream of being a doctor. Krista was still in the midst of applying to graduate schools, she still had no idea what she wanted to do with her life, but she did know she wanted to be with Ty. “She was always the one. I knew I needed to make it real.” Ty said, smiling. He popped the question one night, on the beach, with fireworks in the background.

The couple “Tyed” the knot in October at an outdoor hometown setting with flowers and an ice-cream cake. Krista and Ty had a wonderful, laid-back wedding with their friends and family who all knew this was the plan since the beginning. “Ty and Krista always worked. He was perfect for her.” Krista’s best friend Elaine said.

Ty and Krista are still in love, living 15 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, and trying to decide what color to paint the walls in their new house.

For this visual assignment, I chose a short clip and made it into a GIF. I wanted to use a clip of a couple being happy at their wedding, which is just the beginning of a two people’s life together. I think a picture wouldn’t do this couple justice. I thought these two looked insanely happy at their wedding, so I created a GIF. I think sometimes couples talk too much, (don’t get me wrong, talking is very needed), but in this GIF, my character, Krista, is just giddy as can be and is dancing around. Meanwhile, Ty is just staring and smiling at his beautiful bride. I wanted to direct the attention to this, because this is what love is! I clipped the GIF at this point so this would be the focus. In relation to design elements we have been discussing, the couple is both wearing the color white, which means light and/or perfection. I thought this color also accurately correlated with the story I told of Krista and Ty.

I really enjoyed this assignment, maybe because I love weddings so much?! I also like creating stories and I think my story represents the happiness that is being shown in the GIF. My inspiration comes from being happy and knowing the feeling of being loved.




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