“Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able”

I watched the presentations by Michael Wesch called “Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able: New Learning Environment for New Media Environment”. At first, I assumed the talk would describe how technology generates a fresh learning environment for this generation. He explains how this web creates a new learning environment for students at universities, but also provides an environment to connect in the workplace and at home.

Wesch wonders about media: Is it using us or are we using media? I thought this was a great and broad question that many people may ask themselves as they are utilizing this media environment. As students and others browse, create, and communicate using the web, they could be operating incorrectly. This leads to frustration and further issues that cloud their mind when they think of this environment of technology we have. On the other hand, many experts use the web space in a number of eye-opening ways. Wesch then describes how the space created relief for the world, while showing how people quickly responded with the web during the Haiti earthquake. Even though I am only making my own blog and exploring little by little, I am hoping that with my experiences with the web space, that I can help others correctly use the media so we can continue to make discoveries through this media environment.

The web talk also states the big difference between being knowledgeable and having the ability of knowledge. Wesch says it’s easy to have knowledge just by learning. But, having the ability of knowledge consists of three separate parts: communication, empathy, and thoughtfulness.

These three branches match up suitably with this new environment of media we have been discussing. Wesch states that each communication interaction we encounter matters. I agree, people my age engage in interactions over the web, sometimes even more than normal face-to-face interactions. I think they are becoming more important in this environment, but Wesch describes that the connections we have face-to-face are more important. The other 2 branches are empathy and thoughtfulness; both also pertain to the web environment we are in. People within this environment should have the knowledge to be thoughtful and empathetic through every blog post or web search.

I enjoyed Wesch’s talk about this “environment” we are now in. Media has produced an enchanting dwelling that we all want to learn about, now that we have it right in front of us. The talk depicts how the Internet does so much good for the world, but we also have to know how to use the web space truthfully so we can advance this knowledge ability.



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