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I am sharing a set of my favorite photos that I have taken recently! Nature, the ocean, and my puppy, are all close to my heart, and are all included in my Flickr album set.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 8.11.05 PM

At first, trying to share this set on my blog was difficult! After trying to share my photos and failing a couple times, I read that Flickr no longer shares directly with WordPress! (insert sad face) I went to my album directly, and then, I found the share button on Flickr (Right arrow underneath Nature), and clicked “HTML” and it worked perfectly. I really enjoy being able to include slideshows on my blog.

My favorite photo: Ocean Waves (second one on slideshow)

Why? This is my favorite thing to see when I arrive at a beach. The ocean water is so clear and majestic in this photo. This was taken in Hatteras, North Carolina, which is also my favorite place to be. I usually go multiple times throughout the year. I always capture photos of the beach, no matter what season it is. This is a place where I am happiest, but in this photo, the water looked happy too.

All together, my photos revolve around nature and the outdoors. I am a biology major, and really enjoy life and everything outside. Each of my photos have some aspect of detail. In the photo of my puppy, Edna, I think you can see her black fur so well. There is also an interesting photo of a microscope! It is a red onion cell, and the colors were so bright for such a small cell. I also recently visited Bermuda, which was such a beautiful place, so I also included a photo of its flowers and the clear waters. The broken bridge photo and the close-up sand photo were also taken in Hatteras, NC. I wanted to show a far away photo versus a very close up one to contrast the two detailed images.



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