Dream Vacation on Pinterest: Dancing Greeks

Create Your Dream Vacation on Pinterest!  (3 stars).

This web assignment required me to create a Pinterest board. (I already have a Pinterest, its a few of my favorite pastimes). We were to add “pins” to a board that represent our dream vacation!

I chose my vacation to be to Greece. I have always wanted to go there, and I always see amazing pictures. The architecture, the views, and the water always blow me away. It is truly a historical and beautiful country!

So my board is called “Trip to Greece”

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 3.38.16 PM

I always have thought that Mykonos would be such a beautiful island. Before this assignment, I already had SO many pins relating to Mykonos. Then, I started pinning and one of the pins had plenty of gorgeous pictures that I would love to see in real life! This pin especially made me excited to visit Greece! Here was the website attached to the pin:


Also, besides visiting the beautiful island of Mykonos, I also want to explore other places! So I searched for some other places too. I pinned a pin with the title of “Top 10 Places to Visit in Greece


Another big vacation thing is FOOD! I don’t know much about Greek food, but I looked up different pins. I found the top foods I have to eat while in Greece! They all look yummy!

All in all, I really think I will visit Europe, because I love to travel, and have never visited Europe. And then, my number one place to go would be Greece! It is so beautiful and I am excited to see the culture there. I hope to go someday after college, and hopefully save enough money to make it there when I have time! Also, I would have to find transportation, especially if I want to visit the different islands in Greece. They speak Greek, so it might be hard to communicate.

I really liked this assignment! It was cool especially because Pinterest is a new blogging site and its one of my favorites. So this was a perfect assignment for me! Pinterest does have an aspect of storytelling, as I just told my story of a dream vacation. People will view my board and see what I plan to do and where I want to go!  Also, you can create so many boards with fashion, homes, food, and much more. It’s so awesome to go view other people’s boards so you can see what story they are trying to tell too.

I hope I get to go to Greece soon! Here is my Dream Vacation Board!


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