Design Blitzin’

I went on another photo taking spree! This time, I was recognizing a few of the many design elements that there are. I found some really cool designs around my house that I actually have not noticed before. This definitely changed my perspective of patterns and words that are large parts of design.

Rhythm: Just taking a shower, I saw how repetitive my shower curtain was. The small circles were an obvious design to find, and then I saw the squares that laid behind them. The curtain presents rhythm that seems very distinct, but I had yet to realize the secret repetitive design in the back.


Metaphors & Symbols: In today’s world, we use symbols and icons for everything it seems like. It makes things so much easier once we utilize a symbol that directly means a certain word or place. I noticed that I had an Apple symbol sticker, which is an apple, but is widely known as the brand that sells computers and of course iPhones. Logos are simple designs that many brands use for marketing purposes and branding.


Typography: Typography is probably the coolest aspect of design that many can recognize. Everyone loves cool writing on canvas art in their dorm room. I know I do. I found a jewelry bag that again, represented a brand. But this time, it did it through text. Pura Vida Bracelets are a brand of bracelets that are hand-made yet stylish. The word, “Vida” which means life, is emphasized with the spaced lettering on the bag. The text throughout is also a natural, cool design that accurately displays their brand.


Color: For this design element, I chose a simple painting that I had in my room. The colors in the flower are bright and draw attention to the center object. The flowers are bold and detailed for the flowers to stand out. Also, pink and green are always paired colors. I researched what green and pink usually mean and I found out that green means growth. I thought this was interesting specifically since the green is the color around the growing flower.




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