One Story/Four Icons: Can you Figure it Out??

One Story/Four Icons: “The design assignment is to reduce a movie, story, or event into its basic elements, then take those visuals and reduce them further to simple icons, four of them. Write your blog post up but do not give away the answer, let people guess! The challenge is to find the icons that suggest the story, but do not make it so easy.” (3 stars).

This week, our theme is DESIGN!

This assignment sounded great because I love movies & trivia. And with the help of design and a movie, I created 4 symbols that represent a movie. I like this assignment because I hope others can guess what movie I made!

First, I used the handy website that was linked on the assignment page called The Noun Project. I highly recommend using this site. It contains various symbols that you can use. There were so many to choose from! I just typed keywords that I wanted to use for my movie and downloaded them easily.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 4.07.07 PM

After this, I inserted all the symbols I downloaded into a Word document. All I did was resize them and put them beside each other to create the story.

This is my One Story/Four Icons creation:

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 3.58.16 PM

Hopefully you guessed it, and if you think you got it right, here is the answer!!




I chose The Hunger Games because it is one of my favorite books and movies. I enjoyed seeing the movie, but the book created so much imagery that I actually thought of some of these symbols in my mind while reading. In turn, I was able to quickly think of the symbols I wanted to use for my assignment.

The movie contains Katniss Everdeen, who wears her hair in a braid. She also uses a bow and arrow to capture food in her district, and then once entered into the Games, she uses it to kill. The mockingjay pin is a big symbol of hope for Katniss and her family in the book, so I decided to choose a bird to not make it so obvious. Then, I used the 3 finger icon, which is something the district people do when the teenagers are put into the games. The 3 fingers represents unity when the Capitol seems to be taking over when they arrange the Hunger Games each year.

I enjoyed doing this assignment, not only was it fun, but it also is a form of storytelling that I didn’t think design contained. The icons I added are ones that created a story in my mind when reading the book and seeing the movie. With this assignment, I was able to hopefully urge you to form a story of The Hunger Games in your mind.


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