Audio Story: So and So’s Greatest Hits

For this audio story, I chose to do “So and So’s Greatest Hits”. I was supposed to choose my favorite band, artist or musician, and then choose 5 of their greatest hit songs. With this, we are then supposed to create an audio track with a mash-up of these songs! I really liked this assignment because simply, I love music. And by now, I am becoming more used to using Audicity, so it is easier.

I ended up choosing John Mayer after looking through my iTunes, since it was filled with his name! John Mayer is such a great artist, and I do love his songs. I saw him in concert so this was an easy pick.

First, I imported 5 of his songs onto Audacity. I ended up piecing them where I wanted them in order to create a mash-up. I used the “Time-shift” tool to move them around properly. I lowered the volume for some of the louder songs, and then faded them all out so each song flows into another! It’s a John Mayer masterpiece!

I did run into some issues with SoundCloud though. I am still solving the issue by myself, so I chose to use a different program called Audiomack to upload my audio until I can figure it out!

I enjoyed doing this! Each audio story I have made this week is original and I feel very proud after each is done, especially this mash-up one.



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