Appreciating Past DS106 Stories

In order to fully understand what digital storytelling means, we are supposed to find a past storyteller and read his/her work. I came across an awesome story by Emily May. Her blog title for this specific story was called “3,000 Miles in 30 Seconds(ish)”.

Her short yet sweet blog post entails of her journey as she packs up and leaves her life in New Jersey, and heads to the west coast of California. Emily decided to capture the moments of her 3,000 mile long travel, and she uses them to create a motion video. I liked her blog post personally for her bravery. She moved across the country in hopes of altering the direction her life was headed before. Her 30 second video will not only be a movie to look back on, but it will be an inspiring piece that marks a major turning point in her life. Emily shared a piece of her life to the world, digitally, in a matter of 30 seconds, which makes this a true digital story. The “arc” in her story is the mark when she decided to leave her home in New Jersey in search of something fresh and new. I would hope to think that Emily is doing great things in Santa Monica, California, and she keeps adding to her digital storytelling.┬áThe story she told was only a miniscule part of her entire life story, which I bet is also brave and inspiring.


2 thoughts on “Appreciating Past DS106 Stories”

  1. I loved her digital story. Maybe because I like travelling or maybe because I want to road trip across the country too, regardless this was a really cool example of a digital story and I love how you incorporated it into a larger picture of being a clip from her whole life, that’s a neat way to look at things! #talkingPolack106

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