About Audio Storytelling

For this assignment, I watched multiple videos on audio storytelling, which is a new concept to me.

I watched Ira Glass‘ videos on his explanation of audio storytelling. At first, he describes the main focus of audio stories. First, they should be raising interesting questions that are hopefully answered later in the story. And, there needs to be a specific reflection on this answer. This is what the listeners connect with throughout each story that is audio. Then, in a later video, he talks about taste. At first, beginner’s stories aren’t that good, but the actual taste of the stories show potential for the future. Glass then played one of his old reports to show that it took some time for him to create awesome, tasteful stories.

I then watched Jad Abumrad’s interview, “How Radio Creates Empathy”. I really enjoyed listening to his interview. He talks about how radio lacks something to view, and this is a concept that makes radio so great. We all come together by filling in the empty void of no pictures or images in radio, unlike television, and this generates empathy. Abumrad says that “radio is supposed to be dead” but since we like this empathy-driven technology, radio is still alive. I also watched his next video where he describes his radio show. He also plays different sounds and voices to aid his story. I was expecting a plain old story from him, but the sounds he added made his story so interesting and different, and made me realize how great audio is.

Both videos made me a little less scared to try audio this week. I realized that it will take some trial and error for me to get it right, but I just have to try first. I also see how awesome audio and radio can be, and that makes me more excited to go deeper into this subject.



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