“A Personal Cyberinfrastructure”

The title, “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure”, sounded like the article would contain information about how people spend too much time on the Internet; exposing too much about their personal life for others to see. I thought the lesson would tell me to make the Internet a place to learn and explore, without putting too much “out there”. Once I read the article to its entirety, Campbell accurately describes how making the web a place for students to be independent and inventive on our own.

Having a higher education creates a space to create and discover on the web. The Internet plays a big role in my life being at a university, and with all the recent developments—plays a huge role in all of the future generation’s life. Campbell says that we, as students, have to think alone and then design a cyberinfrastructure ourselves and have our own “vision”. Pertaining to this class, I am gaining knowledge everyday about the wide web. I learn just by performing blog research that may point me in the right direction, but doesn’t tell me directly “how to”. Like any other challenging project, it’s more rewarding when you complete it alone—but finalizing something on the web is 10x more rewarding.

Even though I enjoy the thought of exploring the web by myself, others may not, and may need a little motivation to explore the “digital facelift” that has already occurred. Campbell compares us humans on the web as “gold” since this cyberinfrastructure is something fresh and in demand,  like gold. Yet there is no desire to spend time on this “gold” no matter what it can do for us humans. Older generations are usually traditional and think they cannot absorb web information anymore. I believe that anyone can learn about the web, once taught, and then, as Campbell describes, begin doing it alone to broaden their knowledge. I like the thought that I created my own web space online, and I will admit that at first, it was intimidating. All I needed was a little room to discover how satisfying it is to have a broad knowledge about my own personal web space.

I enjoyed this article by Gardner Campbell, as it concluded how the web is being misused while it frankly shouldn’t be. I created my own web space, which gives me the ability to do more, communicate with others, and increase my experience level about this cyberinfrastructure. This cyberinfrastructure that we have can teach others the ways of designing and inventing something online that is your own.


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  1. I enjoyed reading this reflection, I agree with you on many parts. This part when you talked about older generations not being as tech savvy as the current generation is so true. However I am an expection because I am not too well schooled with the ins and outs of technology and would rather use paper and pen than a keyboard in all honesty. Well thought out and prepared reflection though.

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