Edna’s Not Missing

Edna, a black puppy, enjoys long walks and snuggling on beds. She’s just like any dog!! She also loves to be pet by her owner Miranda. Miranda is her best friend. However, recently, Miranda has been super busy studying for her finals, leaving Edna sad! This morning, Edna Rose woke up and did her everyday, normal routine. She went outside to the bathroom, ate a little food, had a cup of water, then relaxed. She realized something was missing…was her pink chew toy upstairs? Where was her favorite plaid collar? Edna then realized she didn’t know where Miranda was! She ran around the house aimlessly, trying to figure out where she could be. She barked her name multiple times and couldn’t find her. She was so worried about her!

Her first puppy instinct was to call the puppy police. She got on the phone frantically, to tell them about her missing owner Miranda.

Edna was motivated to find her. Her next move was to check all of Miranda’s favorite places. So she had to take a little road-trip. Her first destination is the beach! She had to get a car in order to find Miranda! She was in Florida and got a car and drove down the Eastern coast of Florida.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 4.27.59 PM

She looks around everywhere, all the way from St. Augustine to Fort Lauderdale. She could not find her! She checked the nearest ice-cream places along the beaches too, since Miranda loves ice-cream. (Edna does too!) Miranda is no where to be found. She then decides to make posters! This would help others look for Miranda, too. She made a “Missing Person” poster and started hanging them up on posts, and in stores.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 3.22.02 PM

She searched and searched and almost gave up. She was so upset, she made a video for Miranda. She wanted to remember all the good times she spent playing catch and walking around the park.

She began talking to another puppy named Nina who told her to think back to the last time she saw Miranda. So, Edna thought back. Hmm…

“I’m studying for finals, Edna, I can’t play right now!”

It finally dawned on Edna!! Miranda was at school, studying for hours and taking her exams! She could not believe it, she finally figured it out!

She could not wait to see her! So she went up to UMW, and finally finally found Miranda!! She was so excited to see her that she took a picture on the tower!!!


Afterwards, Miranda and Edna enjoyed a night of ice-cream (puppy ice-cream, of course) and snuggling!

  1. Sunshine State
  2. If Found, Please Call
  3. Puppy Police
  4. We Found Her!
  5. I miss her!


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